LYNX – The Next Step in Fishing Evolution

LYNX is a new company based in the UK, who have patented their exclusive new joining technology. Precision Compression Technology. Precision compression technology is a brand new method of joining terminal components to line with unbelievable strength retained in the fishing line or wire, line/wire dependent, up to 100%!

The company has developed a hand tool that allows the angler to make rigs to their own specification using LYNX’s patented Precision Compression technology.

The system is quick and easy to use and the performance, 100% strength with most filaments, is way stronger than most knots or crimping. This is a real feat of engineering and the team at LYNX are justifiably proud.

Managing Director Andy Petherick says this tool will appeal to the pro and the consumer alike, with highly competitive pricing and a wide variety of applications. In under 6 seconds any one can join one of the LYNX components to nylon, fluorocarbon, wire or titanium and be very confident that it is with an attachment far stronger than any knot or crimp.

The tool is accompanied by an ingenious collection of terminal components that cover all bases in the sea and predator/lure markets from 10-50 lb. class. Petherick says more systems, to cover other line classes, will follow after the launch of the tool.

LYNX are confident that this tool will change the face of fishing due to the vastly smaller line diameters and increased strength that anglers will now be able to utilize.

LYNX has ANOTHER new joining technology that they are patenting that works with braid at 100%; LYNX will be launching this in early 2014. The technology under the working title of project ‘HE14’ allows the angler to join braid to any other filament with 100% joint strength.

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