LYNX Introduces New Compression Line Connection System

Think that your knot is strong enough? Think that your crimping tool has done the job?

Think again…

Knots and crimps weaken your line. There’s no getting away from it. Both methods depend on the human element, and that means they are inconsistent. Don’t you wish there was a better way?

Well, now there is.

This summer, innovative tackle brand LYNX Fishing is proud to launch the Precision System – the most reliable and flexible connection system available to the modern angler.

At the heart of the Precision System is the revolutionary Precision Compression Technology, a unique joining technique linking line and hook without the need for a knot or a crimp.

“How does that work?” We hear you say…

At the centre of LYNX’s Precision Compression Technology are the specially-designed Precision Tubes. Made from a specialist steel alloy and impervious to any form of water, these tubes are compressed onto your line using the Precision Hand Tool.

The Hand Tool is what puts the technology into the hands of the angler. Built from military-grade steel and hardened to 50 Rockwell, it generates two tons of force with ease. LYNX’s Precision Tubes require a huge force to be compressed effectively. Your standard pair of crimping pliers just aren’t up to the task.

Simply put, load your tool, insert the filament, and after five quick cycles, you will have a compression join far, far stronger than any knot or crimp – giving you 100% confidence from your reel to your hook point. No stress, no strain, and no deformation to your line.


“Surely there’s more to it than that?!” Well, only a little…

It isn’t quite a case of ‘one size fits all’ – different traces require different connections. But worry not – that’s where the LYNX Precision App comes into play.

The Precision App could not be easier to use – just enter the details of the nylon, fluorocarbon, or wire that you are using, and up will pop a quick guide on what to use for the strongest connection.

In short, your favorite line will require a particular-colored gauge to reap the rewards of Precision Compression Technology. A set of five gauges are supplied with the Precision Hand Tool – catering for all of the most popular brands of line. If you’re unsure which gauge to use for your trace, the Precision App will keep you right.

The brainchild of angling inventor Andy Petherick, LYNX are determined to change the face of the industry.

As Petherick explains: “It is a commonly-known fact that both knots and crimps weaken all types of fishing lines.

“The results of both processes are determined by a lot of external factors, including the ability of the angler, the quality and type of filament, and the type of knot or crimp being used.

“A lot can go wrong, and achieving consistent results is a near impossibility.

“’Ah!’ I hear you say, ‘My knots have never broken!’, ‘My crimps have never given way!’

“OK – that may be the case – but with our technology, you can achieve the same strength with lines of half the diameter.

“Currently, with knots and crimps, you are over-egging the omelette by using lines that are thicker, to compensate for the weakness of the join.

“Removing knots and crimps also eliminates the need for eyes on components, which leads to a far more streamlined and neater terminal setup.

“Overall, LYNX offers the most consistent and strongest connection available to the modern angler.”

The Precision System will be available for the consumer from June 2015, tailored with the individual in mind.

As Petherick adds: “Since our launch as a company, the feedback on our technology and products has been great.

“The one constant comment that we have heard from our customers is that they would like to be able to build rigs – and connect these to their mainline – with our technology.

“They all love the neatness, the 100% strength, the endless USPs – they just wanted to be allowed to customise their own setup.

“With this in mind, we have designed the Precision Hand Tool size one, which is an integral part of the Precision System.

LYNX have overcome significant engineering challenges to bring the Precision System to the market.

“We are really excited about our product potential moving forward – we have a lot of exciting concepts in the pipeline.”

A brand new element of the Precision System will also be introduced to the consumer this year – solving a problem that the Hand Tool itself could not.

LYNX’s Helix Technology is designed to obtain 100% line strength for the angler using braid – putting a stop to any kind of slip that can be experienced with a knot.

Petherick concludes: “Braid is a very different creature when compared to standard filaments – it behaves very differently under tensile load, and is not really that receptive to Precision Compression Technology.

“The product was created using the principles of rigging on high-performance yachts – the Helix works by dissipating the tensile load along its length and can then be attached to a LYNX trace or another Precision System product using the Hand Tool.

“Better still, it provides a neat and compact join in your line that will not let you down.”

With each Hand Tool supplied, the consumer will receive a glossy, 36-page Owner’s Manual – a one-stop guide on how to operate the product, and how to take care of it.

Attached with the Owner’s Manual is an official testing certificate, verifying that each Hand Tool was hand-tested by a LYNX member of staff prior to shipping.

For further information, please contact Andy Petherick at

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