Lowrance Takes Fishfinder Networking Wireless

When it comes to setting up your boat, installing new electronics doesn’t always get the best rap. You know that once everything is done, you’ll just turn your fishfinder on and go, but getting to that point takes some time. You have to decide what unit will give you the right features for your style of fishing, determine the right display size for your boat, select the right transducer, and choose from a variety of mounting options. Once you finally spec your system out and place your order, the real work begins. Holes for wires need to be drilled. You have to crawl around through the cramped and dark interior spaces of your boat to pull cables. Everything needs to be connected, sealed and finally tested. 

You’d think by now, someone would have made this process a whole lot easier … and, as a matter of fact, you’d be right!

Wireless networking for sonar units

Lowrance® recently launched the next-generation of its powerful, yet affordable fishfinder/chartplotter family, the Elite Ti2. While the Bluetooth® call/text message display features, enhanced high-resolution sonar functionality and incredible value make it a winner in our book, one underappreciated industry-first feature should make it a hit – wireless networking.

That’s right, the Elite Ti2 now features full connectivity with other Elite Ti2 displays, without the hassle of running cables between secondary installations. This means the unit offers the ability to wirelessly share sonar and charting information between two displays, as well as sync waypoint data, with only power cables to run. To make it even easier, once everything is powered up the display’s network configurator allows for quick and painless set up.

WiFi connectivity through multifunction displays has been around for a little while. This capability lets you wirelessly download pre-programmed routes and waypoints from personal computers or software updates when connected to a hotspot. It also gives you the ability to take control of a display with a tablet or smartphone. Now you can connect an Elite Ti2 at your helm station and another Elite Ti2 mounted at the bow for use while fishing. Once paired, the units can share sonar data, charting data from cards, as well as waypoints and routes.

Elite Ti2 comes with new, high-detail Active Imaging™ 3-in-1 sonar, featuring Lowrance CHIRP, with SideScan and DownScan Imaging™. Active Imaging makes it easier for anglers to quickly  locate fish-holding structure and enhances the clarity and target separation of FishReveal™. When you are on the water with Elite Ti2, you can keep your phone safely stowed away and never miss a call or text with new integrated smartphone notifications.  

If you are looking to update your electronics, and you want to make the process as easy as possible, take a look at the Elite Ti2. It packs a punch at an affordable price, and takes ease of installation to a whole new level. Visit www.lowrance.com for more information.

See Lowrance wireless networking in action: