Livingston Lures Unveils Bluetooth Smart Baits

ORLANDO, Florida – As the doors closed last week on ICAST 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, “technology” was the buzzword in most categories: rods, reels, fish finders, GPS systems, heck even footwear and sunglasses. But as has been the case for the past several years, an impressive leap forward in fishing technology happened at Booth 1259, where Livingston Lures unveiled a new line of baits and a new platform of technology will change the way the world fishes.

Livingston redefined the use of technology in fishing in 2004 with the creation of Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) ™, which provided anglers with a bait that emitted the sound of natural baitfish. They raised the bar again in 2014 with EBS MultiTouch™ which allowed anglers to program the sounds their Livingston baits gave off.

Livingston’s definition of the “smart bait” now takes on a whole new meaning with the introduction of an expansive new line of 30 EBS™ sounds, BlueTooth® connectivity, and a smartphone app which allows anglers to download and incorporate dozens of natural bait sounds into a single Livingston bait while storing critical information about their fishing success.

“We’re opening the door to possibilities that fisherman around the world could never even dream of before now,” said EBS™ inventor Robert Castaneda.

Bringing nature into technology

Livingston’s EBS MultiTouch™ gave anglers a taste of a “programmable” bait, with technology that allows anglers to switch between EBS™ Original (gill plate compressions), EBS™ Shad (fleeing/schooling shad), EBS™ Craw (the clacking of shellfish carapice) and EBS™ Silent. The next generation of EBS™ supplies an even more comprehensive array of 30 sounds produced by the most prevalent forage fish in a bass’ diet – crawfish, perch, herring, bluegill, shiner, hitch, gobi, Tennessee S\shad, gizzard shad, bream, etc. – all instantly changeable via a BlueTooth® connection to the bait, and a new smartphone app.

In other words, it provides simple, instantaneous fish-attracting sound options that no other attractor or bait/lure has ever been capable of in the history of the sport. The new B Venom and B Viper swimbaits designed by Team Livingston pro Byron Velvick will be the first BlueTooth®-capable baits in the lineup.

“The user has the option to perfectly follow the month-by-month diet of a bass, and the ability to adapt instantly to their specific environments,” Castaneda says. “The one thing that truly connects us as fishermen to the creatures we pursue is the bait or lure. It’s the most basic part of the ‘system’. Why not maximize that one critical tool to most perfectly suit your unique set of fishing circumstances? It’s all based on your own specific experience and needs.”

Building a personal fishing ‘ecosystem’: The new free Android and iOS app (which will be officially released at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic) will also allow Livingston BlueTooth® -bait users to record detailed information about the fish they catch, thanks to a simple “log book” that records GPS longitude/latitude, time of day, water temperature, barometric pressure, lure, lure color, EBS setting and depth.

“We’re building an information ‘ecosystem’ which is the beginning of a new era of knowing the ‘where, why and what’ of your fishing day,” says Castaneda. “We’re always looking for a way to harvest data or build a pattern, and these new baits will be powerful tools in that process.”