LIVETARGET Roach Swimbait Debuts at EFTTEX

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON– Roach are an important coarse fish that are widely distributed throughout Europe, and have a veritable body double – the golden shiner – in North America. Themselves the targets of anglers fishing with light tackle, roach are critically important prey items for apex predators, including zander and pike. Large perch are also no stranger to roach, frequently feasting on shoals of the smaller, abundant baitfish.

The master luresmiths at LIVETARGET recognize the importance of roach to the diets of many of Europe’s most important gamefish, and have engineered an ultra-realistic, roach-imitating lure designed to target and tempt them.

To be introduced at EFTTEX 2018, the LIVETARGET Roach Swimbait combines biologically precise anatomical features and color patterns with biomimetic action and robust components to create a dynamic new swimbait for pike, zander and perch. The lure’s unique three-dimensional anatomy, including fins, tail, head and eyes, couple with a true-to-life profile to synthesize the perfect illusion of a living roach, fleeing for its life from prowling predators.

LIVETARGET Roach Silver/Black (202)

The LIVETARGET Roach Swimbait’s intelligently engineered tail oscillator generates a unique, roach-inspired swimming action and vibration that elicits hot pursuit and violent strikes. Precision factory rigging ensures that the bait is ready to use immediately, achieving better balance without the need for frequent adjustment or tuning.

The LIVETARGET Roach Swimbait is offered in three sizes: the Roach 140 at 14 cm (5 1/2”) and 42 g (1 ½ oz), the Roach 160 at 16 cm (6 ¼”) and 64 g (2 ¼ oz), and the Roach 200 at 20 cm (8”) and 96 g (3 3/8 oz), each internally weighted and precision balanced for a medium-slow sink speed. The three Roach Swimbaits have two distinct hook arrangements.​

The LIVETARGET Roach 140 and 160 swimbaits are each armed with a single, extra-wide gap hook that rides behind the bait’s dorsal fin, an anatomical feature that doubles as a shield to protect the hook from collecting vegetation and other debris. In addition, these two Roach Swimbaits feature a ventral-side accessory pin for convenient on-the-water customization using willow leaf attractor blades, or even a secondary hook to increase your catch-rate.

In contrast, the largest LIVETARGET Roach swimbait, the Roach 200, features a unique hook configuration, with twin extra-strong double hooks riding on the ventral side of the lure. Specialized rare-earth magnets, integrated into the soft plastic body of the Roach Swimbait, hold the double hooks tight to the lure, ensuring a stable swimming action and maximizing hook-up ratios. Each of the belly hooks can be independently positioned to ride with their points turned upward, which enhances the lure’s swimming action and reduces the amount of debris collected when the swimbait is fished through heavier cover, or with the points turned downward, resulting in greater exposure of the hooks within the primary strike zone.  This user-customizable hook configuration is unique among swimbaits and makes the LIVETARGET Roach an incredibly versatile choice for targeting apex predators.

LIVETARGET Roach Silver/Blue (201)

All three sizes of LIVETARGET Roach swimbait are provided in two ultra-realistic color schemes to replicate the common varieties of roach encountered in European waters: a darker Silver/Black pattern (202), as well as a lighter Silver/Blue pattern (201). LIVETARGET Roach swimbaits will be available to retailers in late fall 2018.

Visit LIVETARGET in booth H33 at EFTTEX 2018 for your first look at an exciting new lure for the European predator market: the LIVETARGET Roach Swimbait.