LIVETARGET Releases New Logo, Tagline

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON – Competition is central to our very nature. It defines who we are, connecting us to our like-minded ancestors who have relentlessly pursued fish for over 40,000 years. These were the original fish hunters, gathering with spears and nets to feed their families and villages. Our predecessors were driven by competition: to catch the most fish, to catch the biggest fish, to survive.

Today’s angler is equipped with the best tools modern science can provide, rarely fishing for survival, yet the thirst for competition remains: to catch the most fish, to catch the biggest fish…to win.

Ten years after the brand’s inception, LIVETARGET vocalizes its competitive spirit with a new and refreshed brand. Grant Koppers, founder of LIVETARGET, explains the company’s new tagline, The Nature of Competition.  “Anglers thrive in the arena of competition,” he professes. “Whether it’s man vs. man, man vs. nature or man vs. predator, our connection to the primal spirit of catching fish drives us to compete. Whether we do it for pure recreation or for sport, when we fish, we compete. We compete against each other, against ourselves, against the elements. The more challenging the conflict the sweeter the reward”.

Koppers believes that anglers are fiercely competitive by nature, “We compete every time we grab a rod and step in the boat. We battle the elements: inhospitable conditions that would drive a non-angler back to the comfort of their home. We duel against the predators we pursue, working to crack the code of their ever-changing behavioral patterns. And our ultimate competitor is ourselves.”

So why do we do it?  Koppers theorizes: “We crave the win. We yearn to be “that guy,” the one who everyone else is watching, flipping five-pounders over the gunwales while others look on. We all want to be king-of-the-lake, the champion on stage hoisting the cardboard check over our heads as the confetti flies. It’s about bragging rights. We’re all infected by it. We all feel an instinctual sense of pride when we overcome obstacles to show off our skills.”

LIVETARGET’s connection and commitment to the primal spirit of competition drives the company to design and craft lures that give anglers a distinct competitive edge. Koppers claims, “Better baits catch more fish, period. Our baits arm anglers with unwavering confidence through measurable success: catching fish. The livewell doesn’t lie. It has always been about the numbers; it always will be”.

LIVETARGET is launching a refreshed logo with new print and digital ad campaigns supported by artistic imagery to promote its new tagline “The Nature of Competition”. In addition, LIVETARGET’s new ecommerce website is a progressive digital corridor giving anglers instant access to some of the most in-demand and technologically superior baits on the planet.

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