LIVETARGET Garners Twin Awards at Big Rock Shows

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  – LIVETARGET lures are widely recognized for their anatomically accurate, three-dimensional designs and incredibly detailed, lifelike finishes. When these visual characteristics are coupled to actions proven to attract and trigger the wariest predators, the result is a family of lures that represents Nature to the highest degree possible: lures that are truly, Live Targets.

Born of biomimicry, LIVETARGET lures have mustered a burgeoning collection of ICAST New Product Showcase “Best in Show” distinctions, collecting trophies in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017, a feat unparalleled in the 21st century by any other lure manufacturer. LIVETARGET continued their dominance of media and vendor accolades at the recent Big Rock distributor shows, with Best in Show performances in both freshwater and saltwater lure categories.

Reprising its ICAST 2017 Best in Show performance in the Saltwater Soft Lure category, the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Mullet claimed Best Saltwater Lure honors at the Big Rock East Show. The Hollow Body Mullet takes the award-winning design elements of LIVETARGET’s hollow body freshwater lures, and delivers that innovation and insight to the saltwater market. This incredibly lifelike, intricately-detailed topwater lure features a strike-provoking action, a robust, corrosion-resistant custom single hook and balanced weighting for superior distance on the cast.

Vic Cook, LIVETARGET’s saltwater lure designer, notes that, “our Product Development team worked tirelessly to bring LIVETARGET’s history and expertise with hollow body lures to this mullet design. We innovated with anatomy, color details, and especially action and hook design. Saltwater fish require a robust and strong hook configuration, and that hook is a central element in the Hollow Body Mullet’s award-winning design.”

Fresh off its First Runner-Up performance in the ICAST 2017 Freshwater Soft Lure category, the LIVETARGET BaitBall Spinner Rig hoisted the Best Freshwater Lure trophy at the Big Rock West show. No simple umbrella rig, the BaitBall Spinner Rig boasts a radical design bristling with unique elements. The multi-wire lure incorporates “teaser” fish on three arms, a single willow-leaf spinner blade for flash in the center, and a specially-designed “target” fish armed with a single sturdy black nickel hook riding, vulnerably, below the spinner. Anglers can quickly replace or customize any of the soft plastic target and teaser fish via the BaitBall Spinner Rig’s unique Interchange System.

The BaitBall Spinner Rig mimics a small cluster of fleeing baitfish. The combined action of the teaser bodies, the flash of the spinner blade, and the tuned vibration of the target fish yields a unique combination of strike-triggering sensory inputs. Grant Koppers, founder and President of LIVETARGET, commented that the BaitBall Spinner Rig is, “one of the most innovative and unique products we have ever designed. In fact, we’ve been working on this concept for several years. Every variable to make this lure function and trigger strikes has been meticulously considered. The flash and vibration is unlike any lure ever created.”

You’ll find these award-winning LIVETARGET lures at your favorite retailers now. The Hollow Body Mullet (MSRP $13.49-$14.49) is available in three sizes and three ultra-realistic color patterns that exquisitely match-the-hatch of any live mullet swimming in briny waters. The BaitBall Spinner Rig (MSRP $13.49-$15.49) is available in three frame sizes, each with two weight options, making it simple to pick the right BaitBall Spinner Rig for shallow- or deep-water applications. A spectrum of eight different color patterns for the teaser and target soft bodies allows anglers to customize their BaitBall Spinner Rig’s visual profile to match the dominant forage in their own home waters.

Two Big Rock shows; two winning LIVETARGET lures; one result: dominance. Cast one for yourself, and learn why LIVETARGET lures dominate freshwater, saltwater, and the competition.