LIVETARGET Brings Yearling BaitBall to Retailers

LIVETARGET announces the arrival of the new Yearling BaitBall Series at major retailers and independent dealers throughout North America just in time for the holiday gift season. The Yearling BaitBall family consists of eight different lure models and was first revealed to the trade in Orlando, Fl. at ICAST, 2014.

The Yearling BaitBall joins the award winning Juvenile BaitBall Series from ICAST, 2013; which created a new trend in the ‘Match the Hatch’ realism of schooling baitfish formed into a single lure. “The Yearling Series represents young baitfish in the early life-cycle stage; with large eyes and semi-translucent bodies, they seek the security of a baitball to ward off predators,” states LIVETARGET visionary Grant Koppers. “The smaller Yearling lures have more individual baitfish on each lure than the previous Juvenile series because the hatch size is naturally smaller,” he adds.

The smallest 13⁄4” crankbait features eight yearling fish profiles, while the larger 4 1⁄4” jerkbait features over twenty fish profiles. Lure models available in the Yearling Series include: silent squarebills, crankbaits and jerkbaits and also rattlebaits and topwater walking baits with rattles.

“Since we launched the Juvenile Baitball Series in 2013 demand has been incredible” says Koppers. “The Yearling Series is a natural evolution of the BaitBall concept.” Asked if LIVETARGET has more innovations to come, Koppers answered “innovation is part of our core culture; we will continue to innovate every year.”

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