Lindner’s Join Forces with Omnia Fishing

BRAINERD, MN — For over four decades, the Lindner Brand has been teaching anglers how to catch more and bigger fish — going back to Lindy Tackle, The Facts of Fishing, creating the In-Fisherman Communication Network, and currently Lindner Media Productions. Along the way, inventing and popularizing new techniques while teaching generations of anglers how to be successful on the water.

“We’ve always tried to push the envelope on how we produce and deliver content,” says Hall of Fame Angler Al Lindner. “Just like when the bite gets tough, you need to adapt. That’s what we need to do with our business as the media landscape continues to change. We are so excited to partner with Omnia, these are some brilliant dudes, and our partnership will benefit anyone who likes to fish.”

Omnia Fishing is a relatively newcomer on the scene, making big waves through its innovative tackle-buying experience. “For most anglers, today’s tackle selection is overwhelming,” says Omnia CEO Matt Johnson. “What makes the shopping experience with Omnia so personalized is we provide product recommendations relevant to the bodies of water you fish, what you fish for and when you fish them. In addition, everything we sell ships directly from us, getting the product in our customer’s hands quickly and consistently.”

Johnson is just scratching the surface of Omnia’s unique shopping experience. Omnia’s shop by lake feature allows customers to see fishing reports about the bodies of water they fish and get recommendations from experts on what works best. Omnia makes finding the right tackle easy by presenting a refined list of relevant tackle based on the relationships between species, style, lake characteristics, season, community fishing reports, patterns, and products. It’s different from anything that’s been done before. Rather than experience decision fatigue, learn as you shop. “It’s unbelievable when you spend some time on Omnia’s website, pick a lake, get lure recommendations, and learn how to fish them. Today, high-end bass pros tell you the exact rod, reel, line and lure set-up they use for many popular techniques! It’s absolutely flabbergasting,” states Lindner Media President, James Lindner.

Omnia’s incredible growth can be attributed to several factors, including targeting the biggest market in fishing, bass. “We still have a lot of room to grow in the bass market, but our selection has rapidly expanded, and our customers love what we are doing. That said, we know there is huge potential in the multi-species market,” says Pete Przepiora, Omnia’s Head of Merchandising. “Partnering with the Lindner’s gives us the opportunity to dive into the multi-species market and provide our customers with the knowledge they need to be successful where they fish.”

“Lindner Media produces Television shows, including Lindner’s Angling Edge and AnglingBuzz,” explains Al Lindner. “We still have a very strong following with traditional television, but it’s changing. Every year our digital properties continue to grow, and we’ve been missing the service of providing our viewers with the opportunity to shop as they watch. We are using stuff that flat-out works. Our audience knows it and wanna buy it. Instead of those folks having to try and find it at a store or track it down online, they’ll soon be able to watch and shop at the same time. This really feels like a crowning accomplishment after nearly 50 years in the business.”

“We are excited about the potential of this relationship. Starting immediately, we will be collaborating on generating content for specific waterbodies and techniques,” says Chris Morgal, Omnia’s Fishing COO. “The nature of AnglingBuzz generating current fishing reports for popular destinations around the Midwest is perfect, but we are also poised to broaden this to national in scope. Partnering with our relationships and the Lindner’s will give anglers a ton of relevant information to make them more successful each outing.”