Life-Like Livetarget Lures Available For All Anglers

The ultimate fishing arsenal available to all anglers: the LIVE CRAW, LIVE SHRIMP, and the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG. These highly sought-after fishing lures are available and ready to ship, bringing a new level of excitement to anglers worldwide. Designed with precision and crafted to mimic the natural movements and appearance of their live counterparts, these lures are a game-changer when fishing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your fishing game with these exceptional lures, ready to ship and waiting to help you land the catch of a lifetime.

LIVETARGET LIVE SHRIMP: ICAST 2022 Best of Category Saltwater Hard Lure Winner

The LIVETARGET LIVE SHRIMP, recognized as the Best of Category Saltwater Hard Lure at the prestigious ICAST 2022 event, is available for unmatched saltwater fishing excitement. The lure is designed to mimic the appearance and behavior of a live shrimp, making it highly effective for saltwater fishing. The award-winning LIVETARGET LIVE SHRIMP is a top-tier lure that has been recognized for its excellence, realism, and ability to attract fish.

The LIVETARGET LIVE SHRIMP is available in two sizes: 3-inches (76 mm) and ¼ ounce (9 g), and 3 ¾-inches (95 mm) and ⅜ ounce (11 g). Eight biomimetic color patterns – Pink Shrimp, Brown Shrimp, Grass Shrimp, Sand Shrimp, Glass Shrimp, White Shrimp, Glow, and Clear – ensure universal inshore appeal.


  • Unparalleled Anatomical Detail and Lifelike Swimming Action
  • Unique Interchangeable Swing Weight System
  • Durable ABS Carapace and Abdomen
  • High Action, Buoyant TPE Legs
  • Internal Rattle for Lifelike Clicking Sound
  • Mustad® UltraPoint Hook
  • Two Sizes
  • Eight Biomimetic colors

MSRP of $15.99


The thrill of a surface attack from an apex predator is unsurpassed. Triggering topwater bites from supersized bass – the smartest, wariest, and most cunning ones in the school – requires unmatched realism in both form and function. Leveraging a battle-tested research and development process, the master lurecrafters at LIVETARGET tap directly into the DNA of surface predators with the ULTIMATE FROG: The first – and only – frog lures that look AND act alive!

When motionless, the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG sits just like a living frog at rest, with its eyes just above the surface, its body angled 45-degrees down, and its legs contracted beneath its body. When twitched or pulled, the ULTIMATE FROG’s body dips beneath the surface as its legs hinge at the hips and knees, extending to full length in perfect unison – just like a living frog as it swims for its life through open water. At the end of this stride, the lure’s legs tuck back in toward the body as its eyes break the surface, in an intricate sequence of biomimetic motions that bring the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG to life.

With a body molded from ABS plastic and legs crafted from highly elastic and durable TPE, the ULTIMATE FROG is engineered to withstand the rigors of the surface battlefield. Pull it adjacent to heavy cover, and the ULTIMATE FROG’s dense internal rattle calls bass in for a closer look. Its well-positioned single hook delivers unmatched hooking percentages in the unforgiving topwater angling environment.

Both Popper and Finesse models of the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG are available in 2- and 2 ½-inch sizes with an array of 8 compelling colors that turn the most skeptical bass into ravenous eating machines, primed for surface attack.


  • Uniquely Replicates the Size, Shape, Profile, and Movements of a Living Frog
  • Robust ABS Body and Durable, Elastic TPE Legs
  • Popper Model with Single Knocker Internal Rattle
  • Finesse Model with Silent, Stealthy Swimming Action
  • Single Hook
  • Includes One Set of Replacement TPE Legs
  • 2-inch (50 mm) and 3/4 ounce (21 g ) and 2 ½-inch and 1-ounce (28 g) Sizes
  • Eight Biomimetic Colors

MSRP $17.99


Trophy-caliber bass are old – and smart. These denizens of the deep have seen it all and learned to avoid eating anything that doesn’t look and act just like it’s supposed to. The master lure crafters at LIVETARGET leverage a highly evolved research and development process to ensure that no detail is overlooked and no shortcuts are taken on the path to creating the most realistic lures that fish – even the oldest, smartest ones – have ever seen.

The LIVE CRAW is the first crawfish imitation that both looks and acts alive. Perfectly mimicking a vulnerable, exposed craw falling toward the bottom – and then scurrying for safety once it gets there – the LIVE CRAW features a unique swing weight system that ensures a horizontal profile as the craw falls through the water column or crawls across the bottom. Three interchangeable weights allow anglers to fine-tune the LIVE CRAW’s rate of descent through the water. Thoughtful design of the swing weight ensures that the LIVE CRAW is slightly off-balance, creating a lifelike wobble as the lure descends or is worked across the bottom.

An ABS plastic body stands up to the abuse dished out by rocks and timber – and angry bass – while buoyant, high-action TPE legs provide nervous fluttering action during all phases of the retrieve. Equipped with a low-frequency knocker to call bass in from far away, the LIVE CRAW is armed with a stout Mustad hook that converts bites into bass in the tank. The LIVETARGET LIVE CRAW is available in 2 ½ and 3-inch sizes, each in eight biomimetic colors that will fool the wariest bass.


  • 3 Distinct Actions: Drop, Twitch, Crank
  • 3 Weights, Slow, Medium, and Fast Sink Rates
  • 8 Biometric Colors
  • ABS Plastic Body, TBE Soft Plastic Legs
  • Two Sizes: 2 ½ Inch, 3 Inch

MSRP $14.99


LIVETARGET lures are designed and engineered to build unwavering confidence through measurable success: catching more and bigger fish. Through a highly evolved research and development process, no detail is overlooked and no shortcuts are taken in the pursuit of perfection. Expect nothing less than anatomically precise profiles, ultra-realistic details and meticulously tuned, species-specific actions. By creating baits that look and act like natural forage, they’re no longer baits. They become real.

LIVETARGET is a member of the Mustad family of premium fishing brands. Setting the standard for the global hook market since 1877, Mustad’s mission is to create a comprehensive multi-brand company that leads the fishing tackle industry while focusing on innovation, employee and customer satisfaction, and sustainability. Together with TUF-LINE and LIVETARGET, Mustad continues to solidify its position as a complete sports fishing brand family.