Last Minute Father’s Day Tips for Your Store

What are you doing for Father’s Day?

No, I’m not talking about giving or receiving gifts or remembering a lost loved one. I’m talking about your business. What are you doing to leverage Father’s Day as a way to generate sales?

It’s not too late to get something going, but you need to get started right away. There are a couple of key components to any Father’s Day sale in a retail fishing tackle shop.

First, you want to create awareness. Let people know you’re having a sale and that you offer an alternative to other gift ideas. After all, who needs another necktie?

Second, you need to cater not so much to the anglers in your area as to those who don’t know much about fishing except that their fathers or husbands like it.

Third, you need to make it easy on shoppers by offering multiple price points and by bundling key items. No one wants to give their father a terrible gift, but many do because they have no idea what they’re doing and the retailer offered inadequate assistance.

Finally, you need to stand the holiday on its head a bit and find a different angle to get people in the store and to make more money.

Let’s take these concepts one at a time.

Since we’re just a few days away from Father’s Day, let’s assume it’s too late to do significant advertising. Newspaper ad deadlines have passed, and someone’s already rented out the Goodyear Blimp. That’s OK. You still have your store front and some signage. Use it.

And keep it simple. You may need nothing more than “Dad fish? We’ve got your gift!” or “Sunday is Father’s Day! Fish for a gift here!” Make it as prominent as you can. State the problem (the day is almost here) and the solution (we have what your dad wants).

All of this assumes that the person buying the gift doesn’t know a great deal about fishing. It’s a pretty good assumption, too. If they’re knowledgeable anglers, they know what to do and where to find you. They can bypass your carefully selected options and go straight to the stuff they know dad needs. Help is not necessary for that very small group.

But the majority needs your help and hates to ask for it. A tackle shop is an intimidating place if you don’t know much about fishing. There’s lots of stuff that does who-knows-what and the people inside seem to speak a foreign language. All the jargon can be off-putting, so you’re going to make it really easy on them.


By putting your best selection of gift items near the door — just to the right and opposite the register if that spot’s available (shoppers naturally tend to navigate that way). It’ll need a big sign (“Father’s Day solutions here!” or something like that) and be broken out from left to right, least expensive to most expensive. Don’t jumble things up.

And don’t offer too many options.

Three or four choices in three price ranges are plenty. On the low end, you should have some items that sell for $20 or less. In the middle, you can go to $50 or so. At the upper end, have a couple for less than $100 and one for more. Too many choices can overwhelm. That’s the biggest thing to guard against when trying to sell to a novice.

Now let’s stand Father’s Day on its head a bit. Instead of just offering some basic gifts for a dad who already fishes from a family member who doesn’t, try the reverse as well. See if you can’t get an angler to take a non-fishing dad out for a day on the water. That’s bonus money!

Start with a sign that reads: “Take your dad fishing. We’ll show you how!”

Even this gift idea needs options. At the least expensive end, maybe a utility box with a few baits and a book or DVD on fishing. In the middle, a rod and reel combo (not terribly expensive, but serviceable) is good. And at the high end, a guided fishing trip set up with one of your best guides at a time when the fishing is likely to be great.

Remember that Father’s Day is meant to be a special day for honoring family, but when it comes to gift giving it can be seen as a hassle. If you’re like most, you love your dad, but hate shopping for him.

If your store offers a solution to that problem, you’ll make money.

And for all you dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!