LakeMaster New World Charts Offer iPilot LINK Compatibility

Little Falls, MN. In 2012, LakeMaster®’s Galilean-inspired team of mapmakers spent every waking minute exploring the waters you fish, updating data, and writing code. The goal? Provide anglers across the country with unprecedented, cutting-edge maps to the ‘New World’ of fishing.

Say goodbye to burning daylight exploring waters and scratching heads, wondering how to stay on fish. Let LakeMaster show you how to ‘Follow the Contour’!

Available NOW-new for 2013-are six updated LakeMaster digital charts that not only offer additional high definition and enhanced contour data for the lakes, rivers and reservoirs you fish, but put the integrated power of LakeMaster, Humminbird® and Minn-Kota® at your fingertips with Minn-Kota’s iPilot Link.

Set your Minn-Kota® trolling motor to automatically follow on, or offset from, any LakeMaster contour including the shoreline, and spend your time fishing, not exploring. Move beyond the hassles and headaches of manual boat control, maximizing the time you spend in good water with your baits in front of fish.

Trust us, it’s a game changer.



  • Over 320 total lakes
  • 95 in HD contours
  • New HD data for Waubay, Bitter, Thompson, Sakakawea (HD coverage down to 41 feet) and Francis Case
  • New Oahe survey data for the Oahe Dam area
  • Devils Lake map based on lake elevation of 1455
  • I-Pilot LINK Compatible


  • Combines lakes in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee
  • Over 930 total lakes
  • 295 in HD contours
  • 90 new HD lakes for Ohio
  • HD data for Ohio River, Patoka, Brookville, Kentucky Lake and Chickamauga
  • Enhanced data for Tennessee lakes, including Cheatham, Cordell Hull, Fort Loudon, Nickajack, Tellico and Watts Bar
  • I-Pilot LINK Compatible


  • Combines lakes in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska
  • Over 330 total lakes
  • 150-plus in HD contours
  • New HD data for Kansas lakes, including Keith Sebelius, Kirwin Reservoir, Waconda, Webster Reservoir and Wilson
  • Also features Smithville (HD), Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock, Red Rock (HD), Mississippi River (HD), Illinois River Pools (HD) and Truman Reservoir (HD)
  • Includes Great Lakes coverage: all of Lake Michigan in 5- and 10-foot contours, plus Green Bay, Big Bay De Noc, Little Bay De Noc, and Sturgeon Bay in 3-foot contours
  • I-Pilot LINK Compatible


  • Over 2130 total lakes
  • 346 in HD contours
  • 350 new enhanced lakes and 22 new HD lakes including Turtle River, Spider Lake, Pleasant Lake, Grand Lake and more
  • I-Pilot LINK Compatible


  • Over 380 total lakes
  • 180 in HD contours
  • Great Lakes coverage includes Duluth Harbor, Superior Harbor, St. Louis River and Fox River in amazing 1-foot contours
  • Green Bay, Big Bay De Noc, Little Bay De Noc, and Sturgeon Bay and Chequamegon Bay all feature detailed 3-foot contours
  • Plus, all of Lake Michigan is mapped in 5- and 10-foot contours!
  • I-Pilot LINK Compatible


  • HD 1-foot contours for nearly all of Lake of the Woods (810,000 total surveyed acres)
  • Updated surveyed areas around Big Island on the SE portion of the lake.
  • Named structure, detailed roads, island labels, colored buoys, marked rocks, hazards, and high definition contours
  • Covers all U.S and Canadian water from Big Narrows through Big Traverse and Sabaskong Bays north to Sioux Narrows and west beyond Deadbroke Channel
  • Also includes Blueberry Inlet, Long Bay, Sunset Channel, Black Sturgeon Bay and Yellow Girl Bay
  • Rainy Lake and the Rainy River feature high definition 1-foot contours, including Redgut and Rice Bay, and all of lakes Kabetogama, Namakan, Sand Point, and Crane
  • I-Pilot LINK Compatible

“While our number one goal has always been to bring anglers the most-detailed digital lake maps possible, we’re also focusing on new technologies that have never been in anglers’ playbooks-until now,” says Dale Logue, brand manager, LakeMaster.

“The positive feedback we’ve received on other LakeMaster features like Depth Highlight, Water Level Offset and Shallow Water Highlight have only pushed our team harder to offer anglers more ground-breaking features,” says Logue.

“Combine LakeMaster maps with Humminbird sonar and Minn Kota’s iPilot Link and anglers now have the power of automatic boat control, and the ability to create, store and revisit productive fishing locations and paths, time after time. And being able to position yourself a casting distance away from a weedline or break – even the shoreline-with Contour Offset is simply going to change the way people fish.”

For more information visit LakeMaster at, or contact LakeMaster, 59 East Broadway, Little Falls, MN 356345, or call 320-632-6300.