Key Stats from the Sportfishing Summit

ISLE OF PALMS, S.C. — The 2018 American Sportfishing Association (ASA) Sportfishing Summit is plowing full speed ahead towards its conclusion on Friday. Sequestered into a conference center at the Wild Dunes Resort, leaders from around the industry are pitted into intense conversations and debates as committee’s convene to discuss the future of the sport. Fueling those discussions are some key stats provided by Southwick Associate’s Trade Insights and Market Report.

Here, FTR has selected some key numbers from that report for your digestion:

The report is based on research conducted by Southwick Associates and its proprietary AnglerSurvey market research service, along with data from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, U.S. International Trade Commission, and data from the ASA.

U.S. Angler Travel Expenditures by Category

  1. Travel— $21.7B (Food, lodging, airfare, guides, live and cut bait)
  2. Special Equipment—$13.5B (bass boats, boat motors, cabins, 4×4 and off road vehicles, campers)
  3. Fishing Equipment—$7.4B (rods and reels, lines and leaders, lures, terminal tackle, tackle boxes, fish finders)
  4. Misc. Fishing Expenses$3.5B (taxidermy, books and magazines, fishing licenses, tags and permits, purchased and leased land)
  5. Auxiliary Purchases—$3.5B (camping gear, binoculars, specialized fishing clothing)

Top 5 retail sales by region

  1. West South Central—$6B
  2. Mountain—$5.7B
  3. East North Central— $5.5B
  4. West North Central— $4.5B
  5. Pacific—$4.4B

Talking Points

  • U.S. anglers outnumber the population of every U.S. state.
  • Recreational fishing is the second most popular outdoor activity after jogging.
  • More Americans fish than play golf and tennis combined.
  • More people go fishing than bowl or play basketball, softball, or soccer.
  • Twice as many people fished in 2016 than attended every NFL game combined.
  • Anglers spend more on fishing gear and trips, ($49.8B) than they spend on Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween combined ($45.4B).

Throughout the week, industry leaders will convene in numerous committees to determine overall strategies for government affairs, the growth of the sport, and ASA matters. FTR will have continued coverage of the Sportfishing Summit throughout the week, in addition to recaps all of next week.

With nearly 30 years in business, Southwick Associates is the expert on the sportfishing market, helping companies understand their position within the market, the types of products and services most desired by anglers, optimal pricing, market trends, consumer segmentation, and motivations.