Jobu Acquires ATTRAXX Baits and Sci-X

Posted on 07/03/2012

Jobu Outdoors, a newly formed company specializing in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced and science-based gear for the outdoor industry, announces that it has acquired the science-based fishing products; Attraxx™ baits and the Sci-X™ feeding stimulants. The first in what Jobu Outdoors plans to be an extensive line of game-changing products, Attraxx and Sci-X incorporate taste and smell stimulants in a manner that is proven to appeal to the critical senses that fish use for food search in their natural habitat.
As a business, Jobu Outdoors has a stated goal to offer outdoorsmen and women the best gear for their chosen activity and advance the outdoor industry as a whole. The acquisition of Attraxx and Sci-X and their technology is an important step toward achieving that goal.
“Attraxx and Sci-X are the blueprint for what we plan to offer as a company,” stated Doug Long, founder of Jobu Outdoors. “The technology is sound, and most importantly, before the results were confirmed by anglers, they were first proven by science. Most anglers hope that their bait will do the job. With Attraxx on the line, anglers can hit the water with the confidence of knowing that their bait will produce results.”
Attraxx is a line of soft baits that are impregnated with and release the patented Sci-X feeding stimulant. Sci-X represents a series of neuro-active feeding stimulants combined into multiple formulas to target all species of fresh and saltwater game fish. Developed through more than a quarter century of research at a major University by one of the world’s leading experts in behavior relating to chemosensory neurobiology, the Sci-X compositions work to maximally stimulate multiple sets of nerve pathways that travel from the nose and taste buds of fish to their respective feeding centers in the brain. This action results in an involuntary feeding behavior, whereby the fish will reflexively bite the source of the stimulation.
Jobu Outdoors will re-brand and re-launch Attraxx baits in Summer of 2012.
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