Jackall Lures Hooks Noted Angler Dave Mercer

IRVINE, Calif. When it comes to fishing, especially bass fishing, there are not many anglers that bring both expertise and fun to it like Dave Mercer. Along with filming his ‘Fact of Fishing’ show and emceeing the weigh-ins at B.A.S.S. tournaments, Mercer will now be on the water using the latest in Jackall Lures soft baits.

“Dave’s dynamic personality and how he can relate to bass anglers of all skill levels is an ideal combination to introduce even more anglers in North America to Jackall soft baits,” said Bob Mahoney, who helps oversee the Jackall marketing efforts done by Shimano. “We’ll look forward to bringing his fishing knowledge and input – as he does for Shimano – to our associates at Jackall in developing new baits, new colors and new fishing technique ideas.”

Mercer has already been using an assortment of Jackall softs baits, from FlickShake worms and Cover Craw creature baits, to just introduced baits like the Sasuteki Craw and Scissor Comb. He’ll offer his expertise on fishing soft plastics at seminars this coming winter throughout North America, and also on his TV shows airing on the Outdoor Channel, World Fishing Network, SportsNet 360 and ESPN International.

“The difference with Jackall versus many of the soft baits out there is they are technology-based company,” Mercer said. “Their plastics are built to outperform. You can rig a Cover Craw weedless and flip a dock, even when fishing from the back of the boat. And when you find yourself on heavily fished waters, just break out a FlickShake worm. You can’t go wrong with one for finesse fishing.”

Anglers can visit Mercer’s www.factsoffishing.com web site for fishing information and some laughs, and also to check out when his TV shows will air and his upcoming seminar appearances. Want to know more about Jackall soft baits? Visit www.jackall-lures.com.