Is it Time for Your Ziegfeld Moment?

Okay, I give . . . what’s a “Ziegfeld Moment”? Well, you might know depending upon your age and your attraction to old movies and/or historical recollections.

Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. was born on March 21, 1867 and was the creator of the famed Ziegfeld’s stage spectaculars, known as the Ziegfeld Follies, which began in 1907 and ran until 1931. At the time, the vaudevillian shows were a collection of song, dance and other assorted acts.

Unlike the vaudevillian shows of the day, these the Ziegfeld Follies stage extravaganzas were elaborate theatrical productions featuring beautiful women in elegant costumes with song, music and synchronization. These creations were a giant step up from the typical entertainment of the period.

Ziegfeld was known as a master promoter and leader in elegant stage shows. In a word, he uniquely “shook up” the entertainment industry.

Thanks for the history lesson, Robbie, but what does Ziegfeld have to do with fishing tackle? Ziegfeld is illustrative of someone who “broke out of the pack” with new and creative ideas and presentations. Basically, Ziegfeld rejuvenated the industry with that which was new, spectacular and wildly successful.

Granted, “Ziggy” was good, but what’s the connection to today and the fishing industry. He had the audacity to offer the public entertainment that which was new, creative, entertaining and highly effective. This is exactly the kind the aggressive thinking that is needed in our current “Covid-19” environment. 

Retailers should be chasing success by experimenting with all forms of retailing, merchandising, advertising, pricing, delivery and promotion. Just following along as you have traditionally operated your business will only gain you the traditional results.

You and your purchasing and selling teams should be engaged in a lot of explorative thinking along with getting out in “retail land” and begin mining for fresh new options for products, merchandise mix, pricing, presentation, advertising, consumer contact and delivery methods.

Every aspect of your retailing effort should be challenged, inspected and revitalized so as to add thousands of new consumers or increase the dollar value per customer transaction. The time is ripe to think bold, new and creatively.

So, fellow retailers, put on your “Ziggy” hats and try that which is new and creative. You’ll like the sound of the register ringing!