Introducing the TROUT RUNNER by TTI-Blakemore

TTI-Blakemore introduces the ultimate underspin swim bait for trout, the TROUT RUNNER!

The TROUT RUNNER features an Itty Bit Swim’ R by Bobby Garland swim bait mounted on a Road Runner head with prism eyes and a brass willow leaf blade to create more sound, flash and vibration that trout love. The unique profile design of the Itty Bit Swim’ R has a small button tail that creates tons of action, further adding to the overall appeal of the TROUT RUNNER.

The TROUT RUNNER is available in two sizes, 1/32- and 1/16-ounce, and in 14 fish-catching colors including White, Crystal, Chartreuse Red Glitter, Cajun Cricket, Key Lime Pie, Electric Chicken, Lights Out, Blue Ice, Glacier, Black Cricket, Rainbow Trout, Pink White and May Fly. The 1/32 size has a #8 hook, and the 1/16 has a #6 hook, both perfect for trout of all sizes. Each package includes one rigged lures with two spare bodies and carries an MSRP of $3.71.

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