Humminbird® 360 Imaging™ Continues Winning Streak With NMEA Award

Eufaula, AL– With its ability to provide anglers with stunning underwater imagery up to 150 feet in every direction, Humminbird’s 360 Imaging™ has been heralded as the biggest advancement in fishing electronics since Humminbird introduced Side Imaging™ in 2005.

From its introduction in February 2012 at the Bassmaster Classic, the technology quickly set a new precedent for fishing electronics. In July 2012, 360 Imaging was voted “Best of Show” in the Electronics division of ICAST 2012 by global fishing media members. The initial 360 product launch catered to anglers who prefer to transom-mount boat accessories. Via a Transducer Deployment System (TDS) that attaches to the boat transom or jackplate, TDS lowers the transducer below the bottom of the boat and outboard to ensure an unobstructed underwater view of structure and fish—even when used at a standstill—another first in the freshwater sportfishing industry.

Four time Bassmaster Classic winner and seven time Angler of the Year Kevin VanDam describes 360 Imaging as “Superman X-Ray vision.” “The average angler doesn’t understand just how proficient this technology makes you,” says VanDam. “Both Side Imaging and 360 have opened up a whole new underwater world to me.”

Also in 2012, Popular Science voted 360 Imaging as the ‘Best of What’s New’ in their recreation category, positioning Humminbird alongside household icons like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and the golf giant TaylorMade. Even non-anglers saw the cool factor in what many described as “underwater radar.”

The natural next step was to introduce a version of 360 imaging™ for anglers who spend most of their time fishing from the front of the boat. Hence, Bow 360™ was released at ICAST 2013, which deploys via a Quick Release Mounting Bracket and facilitates easy trolling motor mounting. Once again, Humminbird won “Best of Show” in the Electronics division, no small feat.

“Bow 360 puts the angler at the center of the circle on the 360 display,” says Humminbird marketing manager Bill Carson. “And that’s pretty powerful. Although some anglers will always prefer the technology on the transom, for anglers who fish off the bow (like bass anglers) they’re now dead center in the middle of the action.”

Most recently, at the 2013 NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) Conference and Expo held September 22-25 in San Diego, California, Humminbird’s 360 Imaging earned the 2013 NMEA Product Award for Fish Finding, a position held by esteemed maritime electronics manufacturer Furuno for 38 consecutive years.

Humminbird’s Bill Carson and John Luther accept the 2013 NMEA Best Fish Finding Product Award

“Recognition by NMEA and our industry peers solidifies our position as a designer and manufacturer of leading-edge technology for catching fish in freshwater and saltwater,” says Humminbird marketing manager Bill Carson.

What makes the win even more significant is NMEA is the organization that sets and administers the networking standard in marine electronics communications protocols and interfaces known as NMEA 2000. To be recognized by the organization that decides and regulates how marine electronics communicate is a solid pat on the back to Humminbird’s talented R&D team.

“Each year prior to our annual conference, NMEA members are asked to vote for new products nominated by the manufacturers under guidelines provided by NMEA. Members investigate nominated products and determine which product in each category stands out as the most deserving of the 2013 award in that category. Humminbird 360 Imaging is an exciting technology and a worthy winner of the Fish Finding product category for 2013,” says Bruce Angus, President NMEA.

And it’s not only anglers and maritime industry folks applauding 360 Imaging. The technology is also earning salutes from police search and rescue (SAR) departments across the country.

Most recently, Humminbird Side Imaging and 360 Imaging were used to solve a pair of decades-old cold cases in Oklahoma. Two cars were found submerged in Oklahoma’s Foss Lake with Humminbird technologies, leading police divers to the discovery of six bodies in the wrecks, some linked to missing persons cases.

“360 Imaging has the ability to change lives, save lives … and also help us catch fish,” says Carson. “If an officer arrives at the scene on the site of a water emergency quick enough, the real hope is that 360 can not only help locate bodies for recovery but possibly save a life.”

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