Huk Partners with Basketball Phenom Keon Johnson

Charleston, SC – Huk, the nation’s leading manufacturer of performance fishing gear, has partnered with basketball phenom Keon Johnson to elevate awareness of Huk’s exciting apparel line through Keon’s growing fan base. The story is an uncommon combination of a “regular guy” with a great talent for basketball and a deep love for fishing and the great outdoors.

While most of his fans know all about Keon’s accomplishments on the court, very few have seen what drives him when he’s not in the gym. “Most of my fans know all about my drive for basketball, but I want to share with them how much I’m into fishing,” said Keon. He continued, “I want to share my love of fishing with my fans so they can see how fun it is and want to try it themselves.”

Keon’s love of fishing began when his father introduced him to fishing for catfish as a young boy below Joe Wheeler Dam. Over the years, the two made memories to last a lifetime – such as when Keon caught a huge 45-pound catfish! Keon was equally dedicated to both sports since his childhood, observing they both take work and dedication. “Basketball is a lot like fishing,” said Keon. “To become better at both, you must have patience and be willing to practice.”

As Keon’s career began to take shape on a national stage, he looked to Huk to help him expose more basketball fans to fishing, and vice versa… especially among his own younger generation. Huk is proud to be working with him to achieve that goal. Keon added, “Some people don’t know you can look good and still go fishing. I love the way Huk fits me and the way their clothes look. I even wear their gear around town just to chill.”

In a world dominated by professional anglers, expensive gear, and high-end boats, those looking to try out fishing can often be intimidated by the sport. Huk looks to partners like Keon to combat this notion and make the sport more accessible to more people. “Huk understands what I’m about. I’m passionate about basketball, fishing, and the outdoors, and that you don’t need a big boat or all kinds of gear to do it” said Keon. “I want people to know you can have a great time fishing without all of those things. You just need time, patience and a rod and reel – and don’t forget your Huk shirt so you can look cool and be comfortable while you are doing it.”


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