Huk Brings Flannel To The Next Level

Charleston, SC – Historically, well-worn flannel shirts have been every angler’s best friend, shielding them from a chill and sitting softly against the skin. Huk has introduced the Maverick Flannel upping the ante with its high-tech features to become anglers’ new favorite flannel.

The Maverick is made of 100% performance polyester, guaranteed not to shrink, with a water-resistant treatment that will protect from the elements. These flannels are further characterized by little touches that make big differences. Also, they are fully equipped with a microfiber eyeglass cloth to keep sunglasses clean.

Whether anglers are using it for that first boat run of the morning or as a layering garment on a frigid day, this is one shirt that will go the distance and get better with age. Even if not used for fishing, outdoorsmen can wear this flannel out to dinner, for working in the yard or just about every occasion from ultra-relaxed up to business casual.

The Maverick comes in many patterns to match any ensemble or any occasion, still, the perfect fit and exceptional performance extend across all of them. The Maverick flannels are available in sizes from small to 3XL, so anglers of all sizes can bask in their draped comfort.

Maverick Flannel Features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Never shrink
  • Water-resistant
  • Two chest pockets with flaps and button closure
  • Microfiber eyeglass cloth
  • Available in S-3XL
  • MSRP: $70.00 (3XL + $5)


Marolina Outdoor Inc. was founded to bring deep-seated product expertise across all outdoor categories. Our innovative designs and technologically focused products create the foundation of our authentic outdoor apparel. Huk clothing represents a fresh take and a unique understanding of angling needs, offering functional styles that appeal to anglers of all ages. NOMAD is motivated to provide quality apparel so that hunters can maximize their experiences to hunt and provide sustenance regardless of the size of the game or where their pursuits lead them.