How to Keep Your Hands in the Game

Destin, FL — Barely a thought goes toward your hands and their role in catching fish. That is, until something goes awry: a hook stuck in your palm, line-burn on your thumb, gill-raker gash on your knuckles, frostbite; even that badge of honor known as bass thumb can become an annoyance. Then, all of a sudden, your hands become pretty darn important. 

Cold, bitter weather poses its own set of predicaments, any of which can turn functioning fingers into frozen, petrified phalanges. Fact is, fishing involves a lot of fairly-refined metacarpal exercise. Tying knots, sharpening and extracting hooks, turning the reel handle, driving the boat and a hundred other seemingly trivial tasks can seem nearly insurmountable when your two essential appendages succumb to the conditions. 

Two years ago, after recognizing a conspicuous absence of fishing-centric gloves, die-hard angler Tim Mossberg founded Fish Monkey Gloves. “From the start, the driving force behind Fish Monkey has been to outfit anglers with perfectly-fitting gloves that enhance, rather than detract from fishing performance,” exclaims Mossberg. “We currently offer anglers nineteen different glove styles, all engineered and tailored to protect against the elements and move with the natural articulation of hands and fingers.

Mossberg notes that seven distinct Fish Monkey glove styles—including the all-new Tundra EX— effectively defeat cold, wet weather conditions. 

“The Backcountry II Insulated Half Finger glove, for example, employs water- and wind-proof bonded neoprene for a dry, warm experience,” notes Mossberg. “We construct the Backcountry—like all Fish Monkey Gloves—with what we call a second-skin fit. By studying hand patterns, movement and ergonomics, we’re able to give anglers the ultimate in dexterity while maintaining sensitivity for fine-tuned tasks like detecting bites and tying knots.”

For Minnesota-based fishing guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, the season flows uninterrupted from autumnal walleye angling right into first ice and the frozen water period. “Some of the best trophy walleye fishing occurs from October into early November,” says Bro. “But if you can’t keep your fingers warm on those days when chilly winds blow across 45-degree water, you might as well stay home.

“Two styles of Fish Monkey Gloves stay in my boat and on my hands, all through fall, right into winter. The Backcountry II is a perfect match for wet, drizzly days; they safeguard my hands and keep three-fourths of my fingers covered, dry and warm. And they move with unheard-of agility, so jigging and detecting bites is almost as natural as it is with bare hands.

“One other little goodie about the Backcountry are these nice dual finger-pulls that allow you to remove the gloves instantly and without turning them inside-out.” 

Bro adds that for extra warmth while running between fishing spots, the Fish Monkey Wooly Half Finger Glove is ideal. “Both the Backcountry II and Wooly feature soft, synthetic leather palms for extra hand protection and a superb grip, even when clutching wet steering wheels and fishing rods.”

It’s a sentiment shared by professional, elite-level bass angler, Timmy Horton. “On those cold tournament days, I wear the Wooly gloves all the time,” says Horton. “These gloves keep the core of my hands warm—and wick moisture away from the skin—so my fingertips remain fully functional while casting. 

“The faux-leather palm actually improves my grip on the fishing rod, especially if the handles get wet or it’s extra cold out. Because they’re Fish Monkeys, too, I don’t sacrifice any freedom of finger- or hand- movement. Really, they fit so well and feel so light on your hand, you forget they’re there.”

On into November and beyond, while running across the lake on the coldest days, Horton calls out a third MVP angling glove, the new Fish Monkey Tundra EX. “We’ve definitely needed this glove for extreme cold, particularly for driving the boat. The EX grips cold, wet steering wheels like glue. Keeps my hands warm and dry for those long runs, so they’re in tip-top shape when it’s time to fish the next spot.” 

Fish Monkey’s Mossberg sums up his company’s core competencies: “We realize anglers rely foremost on their hands to detect bites and land and safely release fish. We fish outdoors, where conditions run from hot, sunny and oppressive to bone-chilling cold. It’s our mission to keep your hands warm, dry, protected, comfortable and performing at their peak.” 

Look for Fish Monkey’s full line of angler-centric hand wear at your local retailer or visit for more information. Browse Fish Monkey’s 2019 Catalog at