How to Get Your News in Fishing Tackle Retailer

Your company has a hot new product coming out. Your store is pioneering a new marketing event to bring customers through the doors. We want to know about it.

At FTR, we ask ourselves one question everyday. What does it mean to be the fishing industry’s business magazine?  The answer is simple, and it’s important to your own business.

Being the industry’s business magazine means that we have one steadfast goal: to give you the best, latest and most important news happening around the fishing world each and every week. That means to give you the news we first have to get the news, which sometimes means you have to tell us your own news.

What are we getting at?

Fishing Tackle Retailer wants to know about what’s happening at your business.

Retailers: what exciting new promotions are you using to bring people through your doors?

Manufacturers: what are you doing to make sure those people go home with your products when they get there?

Our staff works around the clock to make sure the entire industry is in on the latest products, industry news and trends, but we can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why Fishing Tackle Retailer is asking for you to keep us on your short list of people in the industry.

Submitting information about your products and services to us is free. Simply email Managing Editor Toby Lapinski to see if your information can make it into our magazine or on the website. You probably already know that FTR covers Industry News, Products, Business Trends, Conservation and even Adventure in the fishing industry.

So the next time you have a product launch, award ceremony or other milestone event at your company, be sure to drop us a line. That’s the first step towards grabbing some ink.

Now you know, and as they say, knowing is half the battle.