How Do You Sell?

There are two types of sales pitches: manipulation and persuasion. Which one do you use?

Manipulation usually closes less sales and can be bad for business in the long run. People who manipulate tend to do so to serve their own purpose without regard for the customer’s needs.

Persuasion tends to sell more and put the customer’s needs first and sees more repeat business if done properly. There are three ways to improve your persuasive powers to close more sales:

Prove it
Facts don’t lie, nor credible endorsements. Persuasive sellers realize that these two things, facts and endorsements can be enough to close the sale. Be prepared by knowing the facts about your products and who in your fishing community or on the national level uses the products.

Make it about them
No one wants to buy fishing products that won’t help them, explain to them how they will be a better angler, or catch more fish with this product. Where do they fish, or how do they fish? Ask these questions then explain how this particular product will work on that body of water, or with that fishing style.

Be positive
Be positive about yourself, your abilities and most of all the products you are selling. Don’t put one product down and talk up another, maybe the product you have had little success with has worked for them. Be enthusiastic about the products you like and watch how that enthusiasm will spread to your customers.

At the end of the day which method you use to sell will be dictated by your personality and which you feel more comfortable with. Persuasive sellers though will generally see more return customers and a better sales rate than manipulators.