Hobie Eyewear Floating Collection Delivers Value & Spares Loss

Oceanside, CA – Little is more disheartening than inadvertently dropping a favored pair of sunglasses into a river or lake and helplessly watching style and sun protection sink out of sight. That’s why Hobie® Eyewear created an entire Floating Collection of fishing and outdoor lifestyle sunglasses.

“I tell everyone that if you haven’t lost a pair of sunglasses to the drink, then you haven’t spent enough time on the water. With our Floating Collection, you have peace of mind that one of your most crucial pieces of equipment will rise to the surface and stay with you on your next adventure,” said Dylan Coates, Marketing Manager for Hobie® Eyewear.

The sunglasses’ floatability stems from our proprietary blend of frame and lens materials. It is important to note that quality nor durability is not sacrificed for affordability and being lightweight. Hobie® Eyewear’s engineering, material choices, and understanding of eyewear allow for the creation of premium sunglasses that are light enough to float and can be sold at a surprising cost, with prices starting at $89.99.

“Like most fishermen or boaters, I’ve left many glasses at the bottom of the lake. Not only does it hurt your wallet, but it’s not great for the environment either, said Stephen Vaughan, Sr. Director of Product Development.

The Floating Collection prevents lost sunglasses from littering lakes and rivers, aligning with Hobie® Eyewear’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

“It can also put a real damper on your fishing day if you don’t have a spare pair. With our Floating Collection, these concerns are a thing of the past. That means less time squinting and more time fishing,” Vaughan said. “Furthermore, our floating glasses don’t sacrifice styling or functionality with bulky-looking frames or obnoxiously large air chambers like other brands. They look great on your face and just as beautiful when they’re sitting on the surface of the water instead of the bottom.”

The Hobie® Eyewear Floating Collection includes five frame designs – Monarch Float, Mojo Float, Bluefin Float, Coastal Float, and Mariposa Float – each with multiple lens color options.

Monarch Float sunglasses can be worn with or without removable side shields to block extra light or open peripheral views, depending on the situation. The Mojo Float models are extra-large, with a wrap-around design to block peripheral light. Bluefin Float, also a wrap-around style, is Hobie® Eyewear’s first XXL frame, creating an ideal fit for more prominent faces and maximizing protection. Coastal Float sunglasses offer style to match an outdoor lifestyle. Mariposa Float is Hobie® Eyewear’s first women’s floating frame. Mariposa Float models are large, designed to block peripheral light, and feature premium polarized nylon lenses.

These models are designed with sportsmen and women in mind and offer an outstanding choice for all outdoor adventures. Hobie® Eyewear Floating Collection sunglasses, like all Hobie® sunglasses, are backed by a consumer-friendly lifetime warranty.

About Hobie® Eyewear

Since 1982, Hobie® Eyewear has made being on the water easier and more enjoyable – pioneering a better, clearer, and more precise kind of vision. Merging expertly crafted designs with premium polarization, durability, and innovative technologies has been at its core, following in the footsteps of visionary creator Hobie® Alter. Hobie’s growing product catalog includes the ultra-light Floating Collection, HydroClean™ repellent lens coatings and Quick-Swap Interchange lenses to fit every outdoor enthusiast’s needs. Find out more at www.hobieeyewear.com and follow their adventure on FacebookInstagram and YouTube at @HobieEyewear.