High Speed Chase Related to the Bassmaster Classic

GREENVILLE, S.C.— Officers from the Greenville Police Department engaged in a high speed pursuit Thursday after a Bassmaster Classic exhibitor lost an entire trailer full of merchandise this week. 

“We came down on Tuesday night,” said Reelsnot CEO Noah Wheeler. “Wednesday morning we got up and our trailer was gone. They took it off the truck and cut the lock.”

That theft led to an investigation by the Greenville Police Department, who took less than two days to locate the missing trailer. According to Wheeler, police contacted his team, and while they were attempting to recover the property, the apparent thieves showed up.

“The thieves showed up while we were there,” Wheeler added. “The police chased them for 30 miles. It was dangerous. They were going 100 miles per hour and running through red lights.” Wheeler says police eventually broke off the pursuit, which led law enforcement away from the Bassmaster Classic host city and towards nearby Spartanburg, South Carolina—about 30 miles away.

Though Reelsnot did recover their trailer, Wheeler says all of its contents—hats, t-shirts, nylon bags, and 5,000 bottles of Reelsnot valued at $9.99 per bottle—were gone. Wheeler says the Reelsnot was thrown away, strewn across the neighborhood near where the trailer was located. Meanwhile, the hats, shirts, and other apparel was taken by locals.

Total contents of the trailer are estimated at over $100,000.

“I think the thieves thought they were getting a trailer full of tools,” Wheeler said. “There’s a surveillance video of people taking everything that was not nailed down.”

As of Friday evening, no arrests had been made in the case. Representatives of the Greenville Police Department did not immediately respond to FTR‘s requests for comment.

Reelsnot is attending the 2018 Bassmaster Classic Expo.