Hartwell Kickstarter Campaign Gives Power To The People

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Anglers everywhere have the chance to take an active role in the creation of high-performance fishing apparel, plus enjoy great deals and perks such as hands-on testing and world-class saltwater fishing trips, thanks to an innovative product launch by Hartwell Fishing Company .

In a revolutionary twist for the fishing industry, the Texas-based gear and clothing manufacturer is harnessing the online, crowd-sourcing power of the website Kickstarter to bring its 2014 Rockport Fishing Shirt to market. Sporting a host of fishing-friendly features such as 30 UPF sun protection, WristGuard Velcro Cuffs, BreezeRight Ventilation, CastHold Sleeve Retainers, and a Lanyard Anchor-On Tool Holder, the shirt takes comfort and functionality to new heights.

In a nutshell, Kickstarter allows companies to showcase upcoming projects directly to consumers, who are given the opportunity to support their efforts, often in exchange for product deals and other promotions. Hartwell is hoping to raise $35,000 to fund the launch of its new 2014 Rockport Fishing Shirt.

Although Kickstarter has helped young companies raise nearly $1 billion in startup capital-and the concept of community patronage has existed for centuries-it’s relatively new to the fishing scene. “It’s a great avenue for small businesses to bring new products to market, and ultimately gives anglers control over future shopping choices in clothing, gear and other items,” says company co-founder Dustin Hindman.

Hartwell’s campaign launched January 1 and runs through the end of the month. It offers potential backers a variety of commitment options ranging from $1 to more than $5,000. Each level carries specific rewards, which increase incrementally with the amount of support.

A pledge of $48, for example, is rewarded with a 2014 Rockport Fishing Shirt (30 percent off the $69 retail price), and includes free shipping anywhere in the U.S. Perks at higher levels include incentives such as additional savings on multiple shirts, a 1-year membership to Hartwell’s product test team, and a two-day guided fishing trip along the lower Texas coast. Several of the pledge levels are limited to set numbers of backers-five is the max for product testers, for example-which means time is of the essence to cash in on the campaign.

“Like all Kickstarter projects, it’s an all or nothing proposition,” adds Hartwell co-founder Charles Lueker. “If we don’t meet our fundraising goal of $35,000 nobody gets charged a thing.” A full 44 percent of Kickstarter projects do reach their goals, however, which bodes well for the prospects of this groundbreaking initiative in fishing apparel.

To view Hartwell’s Kickstarter campaign, visit the site. For details on Hartwell Fishing Company, visit hartwellfishing.com or call (512) 998-1422.