Hardcore Introduces All New Bass Series

Brand new for 2021 is the redesigned Hardcore Series. Hardcore is the sister brand of Yo-Zuri, which are both under the parent company of Duel. The Hardcore Series has been completely redesigned from the ground up to bring anglers everywhere the best possible styles with exceptional color patterns and a new Internationally patented Magnetic Weight Transfer system.

The new series of Hardcore was the result of a collaboration between the company’s product development team in Japan and their top pro-staff here in the U.S.  The result is an innovative and feature rich series that starts at the incredibly affordable price point of $9.99.

The Magnetic Weight Transfer System feature improves casting distance and accuracy by placing the weight of the lure in the tail for long, accurate casts up to 30% farther than the competition. Upon retrieval, the weights shift to the front of the lure, providing a well-balanced swimming action. Combine this incredible performance feature with the unique variety of holographic, translucent, and painted colors and you have one of the most versatile series of freshwater lures ever created.

The Hardcore Series includes 10 styles, which cover any situation and the entire water column: Hardcore Popper, Hardcore Shad, Hardcore Minnow SP, Hardcore Flash’n Vibe, Hardcore Noi-Z, Hardcore Twitch’n Glider, Hardcore Crank SR, Hardcore Crank MR, Hardcore Crank 3+, Hardcore Crank 4+. 

To support this new series, Hardcore has added three top level tournament pros, Jason Lambert (MLF), Spencer Shuffield (FLW) and Ryan Salzman (FLW), along with a 50 member nationwide field staff program. They have also added a full print and digital marketing program exclusively for Hardcore for 2020 & 2021.

Product will be available on the US market by September 1st 2020.  For more information visit www.yo-zuri.com or contact Sales@yo-zuri.com.