Get to Know Northland Fishing’s New High Performance RZ Jig

Bemidji, Minn.—The legendary lead-head crafters at Northland Fishing Tackle® knocked performance out of the park with the new super-premium ball-head RZ Jig.

Designed to take jigging to new heights while treading lightly on anglers’ pocketbooks, the new RZ Jig is loaded with top-shelf, fish-catching features yet has a price that will keep you coming back for more.

For starters, the RZ Jig is molded around a fiendishly sharp, cutting-edge black-nickel hook that sticks the lightest of biters and toughest of jaws with ease. The high-carbon hook also sports a redesigned barb that frowns on early release, plus a sharper bait collar to better hold live bait and soft-plastic tippings alike.

Drawing on its pro-staff’s ample on-the-water experience, Northland painted RZ Jigs in a sweeping palette of 15 proven neon-tone color patterns ranging from the ever-popular and deadly Glo Watermelon to crustacean-mimicking Crawdad.

All feature Northland’s ultra-durable finish and are optically brightened with a special UV coating that reflects ultraviolet light, making the jigs easier for fish to see in low-light conditions. For added attraction, RZ Jigs also flash glowing red UV “bulls-eye” eyes at passing predators, daring them to strike.

RZ Jigs are available in 1/32- to 1/2-ounce weights with hook sizes running from #4 on the lightest heads up to 3/0 on the heaviest. Jigs are packaged from 3 to 6 per card, depending on weight, all with an MSRP of $3.79.


1/32- to 1/2-ounce

Suggested Retail

$3.79 per card


  • Cutting-Edge Black-Nickel Hook       
  • Redesigned Barb, Bait Collar 
  • Premium Neon-Tone Color Patterns                                                  
  • Optically Brightening UV Coating
  • Glowing Red UV eyes


White, Black, Pink, Orange, Chartreuse, Glow, Lime Green, Firetiger, Shrimp, Crawdad, Parrot, Sunrise, Moonlight (Glow), Parakeet, Glo Watermelon.