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“Get More Out of Media!” — The Pregame

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If you’re headed to ICAST next week, you may know that I’ll be conducting a business development seminar on Wednesday, July 10, from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. in Room S230A, just outside the ICAST show floor.

The seminar is titled, “Get More Out of Media!,” and I hope you’re planning to attend. I promise I’ll be ready to discuss working with media in a way that will help you. We’ll cover a multitude of things you can do to get more publicity and turn it into profits. These are big picture things that can help anyone, anywhere.

But I’m not clairvoyant, and I don’t know some of the specific challenges you may be facing, and I want to address those things, too.

Luckily, we have email … and some time before we get together at ICAST.

If you’re coming to the seminar and facing a challenge that may be unique or that may require some extra preparation on my part, I’d like to hear from you. I want to know about it. I want us to figure it out and find a way for you to win.

You see, I have an agenda for the seminar — complete with a Keynote presentation (Apple’s version of PowerPoint), a handout and more tips and tricks for dealing with media than you can shake a graphite rod at … but I want to leave no stone unturned here. I want to make sure that I address your situation, your challenge.

To do that, I’m going to need your input.

We’re going to cover a lot in that hour. We’ll talk about radio and television, digital media, blogging and vlogging, setting up your own media trips and more. I’ll share methods for increasing your exposure at little or no cost to you, and I’ll introduce you to your new best friend.

Just wait and see.

You can reach me at [email protected].

See you Wednesday in Orlando.