Geobass Season 2 Kicks off With a Bang

Angry, gnarly Amazon peacock bass. They’re the stuff of legend—they’re also the starting point for GEOBASS Season 2.

If you’ve been following FTR for the past year, you’re already familiar with GEOBASS. It’s the epic video series that pits Costa’s team of fly fishermen against nature, their own experience and all sense of reason as they trot the globe in search of monster bass, “any kind of bass”. Last year, season one took the crew to Africa, Mexico, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea and Columbia. There, dodged the bullets of drug cartels, hacked through the unrelenting brush of more than a few genuine jungles and trekked across the desert to find their catch.

This season kicks off with another South American adventure: an Amazon River trip through Brazil.

After grabbing some tips from newly-minted Bassmaster Classic winner Casey Ashley, the GEOBASS team sets off for the rainforest. And when things go south in a hurry, a well-known charter captain saves the day. Costa kicked off GEOBASS Season 2 at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, and with 75,000 views already in-tow, it looks like they’re set to make an even bigger splash than the first season.

Check out the first episode of GEOBASS Season 2 below:

You’ve seen Geobass Season 2, now take a look below to see what you missed from Season 1.