Geobass Season 2: Guyana’s Gnarly Giants Come to Life

When we last heard from Costa’s Geobass, they were kicking off Season 2 in the Brazilian Amazon on the hunt for peacock bass. Three months later, they’re back—and they’ve headed north to Guyana for bigger game.

The 83,000 square-mile country of Guyana lies about 150 miles north of Manuas. It is home to less than 750,000 people, making it an ideal, isolated location for finding giant fish. The country’s legendary population of large arapaima draw anglers in from around the globe; however, the Geobass team—a hodgepodge group of adventure seeking fly fishermen—is searching for something more.

Brazil wet their appetites for peacock bass. Now, they want giant peacock bass. And to find them, they’re gambling on a 100-plus mile voyage upstream to some of Guyana’s most isolated waters. What follows next is a grand adventure through jungle, disease and some of the most gnarly bycatch we’ve ever seen.

It’s an epic escape from the workday into the arms (and toothy-mouths) of some of South America’s most extreme fish.

Check out the video below for the full story from Costa, then let us know what you would do in Guyana in the comments section below.

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