Gamakatsu Offers New Fluorocarbon Treble Stinger

Tacoma, Wa.— “Stinger hooks are mandatory when you’re fishing in clear water situations,” said walleye guru and Gamakatsu® pro-staffer Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “Whether it’s the Detroit River or a clear glacial lake, a stinger hook is going to increase your catch rate.”
The new Gamakatsu® Treble Stinger Rig is pre-tied on two inches of 16-pound test fluorocarbon. Fluorocarbon has advantages when it comes to stinger hooks.”For one thing, stingers tied on fluorocarbon are nearly invisible,” said Brosdahl. “Fluorocarbon is also stiffer than monofilament, so a stinger tied on fluorocarbon is going to be rigid and will stay straight and not tangle on the lure above.”

Stingers excel when pinned into the tail of a crawler, minnow or plastic body, but Brosdahl said he often lets the stinger hang free. “Many times, a lure is racing by in the current, and a fish turns to inhale the bait. Often they don’t get the lure, but they do get the lighter stinger hook.”
The Treble Stinger Rig has an adjustable loop to slide over the hook on the main lure and to secure it to the hook’s bend. A jam knot on the sleeve prevents it from sliding off. A premium-forged steel Gamakatsu® treble hook ensures if a fish even breathes on your bait, it gets hooked and stays pinned.
“I use a no. 8 hook on bigger bodies of water, like the Detroit River, and a no. 12 on the clearer, natural glacial lakes that I fish in Minnesota.” The Treble Stinger Rig comes with sizes 8, 10 and 12 hooks.


  • Gamakatsu® Treble Stinger Rig
  • 2-inch, 16-pound test fluorocarbon leader
  • Adjustable loop
  • Three sizes
  • Sharp, strong Gamakatsu® treble hook