Gaffer Debuts HD Video Fishing Sunglasses

Atlantic Beach, NC – Anglers are filming everything these days. The trend is clear; from the bevy of action cams mounted to boats, to chest-mounted cameras, to underwater cameras and high-flying drones. The quality of video equipment available to recreational users is remarkable. However, it can be difficult to have everything ready to go when the action arrives, and wearable video cameras are traditionally bulky and awkward.

Gaffer Sportfishing seeks to provide anglers with an easy-to-use alternative – HD Video Fishing Sunglasses. The water-resistant Gaffer glasses are lightweight and even bear the appearance of a traditional pair of polarized shades, but they also function as an HD camera and even stream audio to included, removable ear buds via Bluetooth.

Anglers can enjoy up to 2.5 hours of battery life while filming, up to 10 hours while streaming audio (at 50% volume), and up to 10 days stand by. The lenses are UV400 polarized with a blue-mirror finish and outstanding clarity. Charging works the same way video uploads do, via an included micro-USB cable. Video storage comes in the form of an included 8gb micro SD card; the glasses will accommodate up to a 32gb micro SD should greater memory be desired.

MSRP for Gaffers HD Video Sunglasses is $139.99 and they come with a one year warranty from manufacturer’s defect. Available 5/12/15 at Independent Retailers and via