FTR Hosting 2020-2021 Virtual Catalog Shelf

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Fishing Tackle Retailer, the business magazine of the sportfishing industry, has announced the release of an online catalog shelf for tackle manufacturers. The shelf, which allows dealers to browse full product catalogs that they might have otherwise received at ICAST 2020 in Orlando, is available free of charge to tackle stores.

“One of the most valuable aspects of ICAST is the one we sometimes don’t think about until we get home,” said Fishing Tackle Retailer Digital Editor Joe Sills. “I can’t tell you how often I have come back from an ICAST show in the last six years with a backpack stuffed with catalogs. At the show, those books get passed around during meetings and over tables at booths. In the moment, they sort of get lost in the shuffle. But at the end of the day, there’s a real value in being able to flip through a manufacturer’s full product line—or even just their new products—at your own leisure.”

Sills expects the FTR Virtual Catalog Shelf to be a compliment to this month’s ICAST 2020 Online and also a year-round resource for retailers, in similar form to the FTR Buyer’s Guide.

“We already use this shelf software to house archives of our magazine,” he adds. “So, when our team was discussing simple solutions that we could use to help the industry overcome challenges brought on by COVID-19, a virtual catalog shelf seemed like a no-brainer. The software is easy to use, readable on any device, and very intuitive.”

The FTR Virtual Catalog Shelf can be found on and via the link here.

Manufacturers interested in adding their catalogs to the shelf should contact their FTR sales representative.