Frabill Says Their New I-5 Suit Renders Winter Irrelevant

Jigglesticks and six-packs of Schmidt aside, this ain’t ice fishing a la Grumpy Old Men. In fact, among the sport’s top practitioners today, weather and the elements no longer affect comfort or fishing performance—ever. Cold is a state of mind. It exists outside only, isolated beyond the cozy confines of the radically engineered Frabill I-5 Suit, Jacket & Bibs.

Ergonomic, athletic (fishing IS a sport, after all) and ultra comfortable, Frabill’s extreme cold weather suit is simply the most advanced angling outerwear ever developed.

Employing the industry’s most respected full-time apparel engineer, Frabill called once more upon virtuoso designer Chris Leonard to fabricate the ultimate outerwear for progressive ice anglers—the radical I-5. “Yes, it’s an expensive garment,” says Leonard. “It’s also the best cold weather fishing suit in the world.”

Behind superlatives and justified hype lies a feature / function list that reads like it’s designed for missions to Mars rather than frozen lakes. The 3-in-1 jacket design offers a waterproof, windproof, breathable Cordura® ripstop nylon shell that’s 100-percent seam sealed. Waterproof performance is measured in pounds per square inch and at 28-psi, the I-5 is the apparel equivalent of a force field.

“You can remove the mid-layers,” says Leonard, “transforming the I-5 Jacket into an impenetrable rain suit. You can also wear the insulated mid-layer as a sharp-looking stand- alone.”

Arms in the I-5 Jacket are pre-fitted and custom-articulated to match a range of motions specific to ice fishing. Borrowed from aerospace and military applications, specialized nylon-aramid fibers pad and reinforce elbows, knees and forearms. For further fit and function, an industry exclusive pleated, expanding back prevents restriction of movement and fatigue.
Additional critical accoutrements include: adjustable removable hood with sun visor, hand warmer pockets with tricot linings, zipper vents for temperature regulation, multiple cargo pockets plus internal electronics pocket.

Emphasizing safety first, Frabill’s I-5 Jacket also includes a Self-Rescue feature set: ice pick holsters, specialized drainage mesh to minimize water weight, and a Frabill Ice Safety internal label, for reference. For on-ice visibility in all conditions, both the Jacket and Bibs sport 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material that assures the wearer is recognized as a human from a distance, rather than just a reflective object.

Equally protective as the I-5 Jacket, the I-5 Bibs sport Cordura ripstop shell fabric and 28-psi of waterproof performance. Bib insulation can also be removed without taking off the shell or your winter boots. Leonard notes that this feature provides an excellent means of quickly controlling temperature. Cargo pockets include zipper and cover flap closures, while internal boot gaiters offer extended ergonomic length.

“I’m confident saying the I-5 is the most advanced, most comfortable, and most versatile fishing-specific suit ever made. For any angler looking for superior quality and shopping for one suit for both ice and open water fishing, the I-5 is the ultimate, definitive outfit.”

Available in six sizes, Small through 3XL, the I-5 continues Frabill’s tradition of apparel excellence. For more information, visit