Fishing’s New ‘Favorite’ is Poised to Make a Splash

You saw them at ICAST. There was no way to miss them—a towering, two-story booth under the banner of a brand new tackle company. Their name is Favorite Fishing. And they’ve come to make a splash.

Headed by an industry retail veteran in Winston Tucker, who brings years of experience developing companies like Moth Wing camo and selling to major buyers like Academy Sports and Bass Pro Shops, Favorite is poised to become a major player in the coming months. Backing Tucker is general manager Bill Woodard, a former Walmart executive whose decades-long career has spanned the globe from humble, Arkansas beginnings to board rooms across Europe and Asia.

Yes, Favorite is a new name in fishing, but its leadership has roots deeper and more experienced than most industry startups, and they’ve got big plans. The massive ICAST booth was just a warning shot.

FLW Pro David Dudley was one of the first to sign with Favorite

Perfect profit margins

Tucker and Woodard are no spring chickens when it comes to retail. They get the game: profit margins matter. They matter just as much as the product on the shelf and just as much as the customers walking in the door. To that end, Tucker—a lifelong angler who, for years, toiled away at custom rod and reel development—created a full-fledged Favorite lineup that’s built to give retailers some of the best margins in the business. Forty-five percent or better! That’s the rule.

So what do you get for that?

Favorite’s Summit Rod headlines their lineup. At $349, it’s designed for serious bass anglers who don’t mind ponying up for premium tackle. The Summit Rod isn’t cheap, but according to Tucker and Woodard, it packs the punch of a rod of twice that price.

FLW all-time money winner David Dudley says he’s never felt anything like it, that there’s nothing else on the market that gives you the feel of his new Favorite (and favorite) rod. A 6-foot-5 spinning Summit weighs less than two ounces; its 7-foot-2 casting cousin tips the scales at just over three.

Here’s a quick look:

“You can make about 10 normal rods in the time it takes us to make just one Summit,” says Woodard. “It takes significantly longer to build because they’re limited. The rod is a special combination of graphite and carbon fiber, built in our exclusive factory in China. It uses Fuji Torzite guides from Japan, made from what is—other than diamond—the hardest substance known to man. The design itself comes from a combination European and American team helmed by our founder, rod guru Winston Tucker.”

The Favorite Summit is, according to their team, the first rod to ever be built as one, single piece from tip-to-butt. “The reel seat itself bolts to the rod, so it’s different from a reel seat in the traditional sense of the word. Therefore, when someone like David Dudley is fishing, his hand is truly on the rod, and that dramatically increases the feel. Dudley loves it,” adds Woodard.

Following the flagship, Favorite’s all-purpose Phantom rod hits the sales floor at just $149.99—a substantial reduction from the Summit, but with enough of the company’s unique styling and groundbreaking technology to warrant a full Favorite pedigree.

“You’re not going to find a better rod on the market at our prices,” Woodard says.

All Favorite rods come with a limited lifetime warranty, MAP pricing and high-gross profit margins. And while Summit and Phantom occupy shelf space for anglers dropping serious cash on their outfits, the company’s Defender and White Bird series offer rods starting at $39.

“You could get a casting and spinning White Bird outfit for under $100,” Woodard notes.

That’s something the company is proud of, and with rods and reels running the gamut from entry-level to serious tournament outfits, Favorite has hit the market with a wave of merchandise that’s strong enough to make an immediate impact.

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