Fishing Tackle Retailer Features Soft Plastics Story by Fishing Wire Editor

Have you received your September/October issue yet? If you have received it, have you read it? Frank Sargeant wrote a great article…take a look.

The September/October issue of Fishing Tackle Retailer, the nation’s leading trade magazine for the tackle industry, includes a four-page spread titled “Trends in Soft Plastics”, written by Fishing Wire Editor Frank Sargeant.

Sargeant’s conclusions, drawn from interviews with the major players in the lure industry? Soft plastics have come a long way, but are no where near becoming yesterday’s lure, he writes:

“A Mississippi River of soft plastic has poured into molds since Nick Crème formed the first Crème Wiggle Worm in his kitchen in Akron, Ohio in 1949. Soft plastics, mostly made from a petroleum-based liquid known as plastisol, were immediately successful for one simple reason; fish couldn’t leave them alone. And despite generations of everything from largemouths to tarpon having been caught on them, they’re still just as effective as ever.”

Hot soft plastics include weedless frogs, pro-designed “creature baits”, premium-priced scent baits and super-realistic “clone” lures that can hardly be distinguished from live baitfish.

The story also includes tips for tackle shop owners on selling more lures. One suggestion is to sponsor a local tournament keying on a particular type of lure:

“SPRO, which sponsors tourney angler Dean Rojas and builds his designs, has one sure way of boosting sales in key locations-they co-host tournaments like the SPRO Froggin’ Tournament on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville out of Waterfront Tackle, in which all participants must use SPRO frogs. The competition not only boosts sales immediately at the shop, but introduces a lot of anglers to the fun of frog fishing, which leads to follow-up sales.”

The current issue of FTR also includes stories on ice fishing, tackle shop publicity, ICAST and the usual plethora of new products in the fishing industry.