A Fishing Rod Instead of Roses and Candy? G.Loomis Wants You to Show Some ‘Guaranteed Love’

G.Loomis wants to remind retailers who are selling those last-minute Valentine’s gifts this weekend about their (aptly named) ‘Guaranteed Love’ program. To remind us all, they sent out a heart-felt love letter this morning. See what we did there?

WOODLAND, Wash. – Flowers are nice. Chocolates are tasty. A greeting card? Let’s face it – Valentine’s Day just comes and goes – it’s all forgotten quickly – that is unless you forget it completely! With G. Loomis, you have the opportunity for some guaranteed love, and it will last for fishing season after fishing season.

G.Loomis continues its ‘Guaranteed Love’ program for 2015, enabling anglers to purchase any G. Loomis fishing rod – from the just announced E6X bass rods through the NRX series – and have a full 30 days to fall in love with it. And if you don’t? Just bring it back.

The program covers the entire line-up of G. Loomis fresh and saltwater spinning, casting and fly rods. “We’re giving anglers the confidence to try our rods – and we have the complete confidence that once you do, you’ll fall in love with G. Loomis performance,” said Bruce Holt with G. Loomis. So once the flowers die, the chocolate is eaten, and the card is in the recycle bin, “get yourself some ‘guaranteed love’ with a new G. Loomis fishing rod.”

The ‘Guaranteed Love’ program is offered on all G. Loomis rod series – NRX, GLX, IMX, PRO4x, GL3, GL2, E6X and fiber-blend. Participating dealers have complete details on the ‘Guaranteed Love’ program, plus information is also available under the support menu at www.gloomis.com.

We have to admit, a fishing rod will last a lot longer than that box of edible candy you’ve been thinking about ordering. G.Loomis might be on to something here, but don’t forget the flowers—just in case.