Fishhound Acquires Lucky Tackle Box

LOS ANGELES, Calif., –, the outdoor industry’s largest word-of-mouth marketing platform, announced today its acquisition of Lucky Tackle Box (, a popular subscription service that introduces new lures, baits and terminal tackle to thousands of anglers every month.

Britni Perry, who will remain in her current role as General Manager of Lucky Tackle Box, is looking forward to introducing the service to Fishhound’s existing membership and Facebook fan base. “This is an exciting opportunity for both our company and the brands we work with,” said Perry. “Fishhound’s acquisition of Lucky Tackle Box will give us a significant advantage over competitors like Mystery Tackle Box and Tackle Grab in that we can now promote the brands we partner with to an additional half million Fishhound members. So, if a company can partner with only one box program, it’s pretty obvious as to who will give their brand the most exposure.”

According to Fishhound’s Vice President Operations, Rick Patri, box-of-the-month subscriptions such as those offered by Lucky Tackle Box, make it easy for anglers to receive and try out new tackle. “You simply sign up, and each month a box containing a random assortment of tackle is delivered to your door,” noted Patri. “It’s a great, cost-effective way for fishing enthusiasts to try new offerings. And, for participating brands, it offers some promotional value because it puts their products in the hands of potential customers.”

While the acquisition of Lucky Tackle Box complements Fishhound’s core business model, Patri is quick to point out the significant differences between the promotional value of Lucky Tackle Box and the marketing capabilities of Fishhound. “Think of Lucky Tackle Box as an ‘entry-level’ promotional opportunity for brands,” said Patri. “The promotional value is based strictly on the number of units that are distributed through the program. It provides value, although not on the same scale as the Fishhound platform, which leverages the viral nature of social media and the power of word-of-mouth marketing to educate anglers and influence their buying decisions on a much wider basis.”

Patri sees Lucky Tackle Box as a great option for brands that want to do some basic market seeding until they’re ready to graduate to a socially influenced, multi-channel marketing program like Fishhound that generates more significant brand awareness and increases revenue.