Experience Excellence with New Shimano Reels and Rods

Shimano reels and rods deliver superior results and unwavering confidence. Over a century of design and manufacturing excellence makes Shimano tackle a trusted fishing companion on every trip – from farm ponds full of bass to cobalt blue offshore waters where tuna and swordfish reign supreme. Shimano now unveils an array of new reels and rods to help anglers fight and land more trophy fish, wherever they may swim.

Demand More with Tranx 150

Designed with Texas and Gulf Coast wading anglers in mind, the all-new Shimano Tranx 150 expands the Tranx family of low-profile reels with a versatile offering perfect for lighter inshore presentations. A saltwater workhorse, the Tranx 150 employs a HAGANE Body for added durability while enhancing the overall smoothness by housing the internal components within a metal body that resists flexing during tough battles. The smallest offering in the Tranx lineup, the Tranx 150 delivers the palmability of its freshwater counterparts but offers anglers enhanced durability in saltwater environments with CoreProtect technology. A protective coating applied to critical areas, CoreProtect ensures water beads up and rolls off the reel to reduce water intrusion for added durability when chasing inshore game fish. With an inherent desire to be a glutton for punishment, the Tranx 150 boasts enhanced stopping power by utilizing Shimano’s Cross Carbon Drag material to deliver smooth and dependable drag performance across the drag range. Design and technology combine to make the Tranx 150 the ideal low-profile reel for inshore applications. The Shimano Tranx 150 will be available in three gear ratios with both right- and left-hand retrieve with an MSRP of $209.99.

Experience Excitement with Catana FE

Shimano designed the all-new Catana FE family of spinning reels with precision, power and performance for the budget-minded angler looking to get out and enjoy a day on the water. Lighter than previous generations, the new Catana FE features a redesigned body and rotor combined with an upgraded handle knob and 3+1 bearings for smoother reeling performance. Catana FE also features Shimano’s G-Free Body and Propulsion Line Management System for all-day comfort and trouble-free casting. Anglers can rely on Catana to experience excitement and performance on the water. The Shimano Catana FE will be available in four sizes from 1000 to 4000 with an MSRP of $39.99 to $49.99.

Target Trophies with Tekota 800 A

Shimano’s legacy of durability and performance in Tekota A continues with two new 800-size models — 800PG and 800PGLC — as the newest members of the battle-tested series of Tekota A reels. Fortified with improved gear strength and faster line retrieval, the entire Tekota A lineup features CoreProtect for enhanced corrosion protection, a Cross Carbon Drag for increased stopping power, a HAGANE Body for increased rigidity, durability and reeling performance, and an ergonomic S-Compact Body design for enhanced in-hand comfort. The all-new TEK800PGA and TEK800PGLCA (Line Counter) feature increased line capacity and stopping power – perfect for targeting Great Lakes salmon with leadcore, copper or wire, or bottom fishing and trolling in saltwater fisheries. Available with or without an integrated line counter, the new 800-size Shimano Tekota A reels have an MSRP of $289.99 to $299.99.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything with Convergence

Shimano engineered the Convergence series of casting and spinning rods utilizing quality components and blanks with versatile actions to meet the needs of the multi-species anglers. A true “go anywhere, do anything” rod, the redesigned Convergence series features a lightweight carbon blank for added sensitivity and power matched with a Fuji reel seat to offer anglers all-day comfort and increased sensitivity to detect the lightest of bites. The Convergence series of rods includes a wide range of versatile models as well as two and four-piece rods for added transportability. The four-piece travel rods come paired with a travel tube to protect Convergence when anglers are on the move, pursuing their passion away from home. The Convergence series includes 7 casting models and 15 spinning models with an MSRP of $69.99, as well as 4 different four-piece travel rods – two spinning and two casting – with an MSRP of $79.99.

Expand your Horizons with Curado

Shimano designed the Curado series of casting and spinning rods with power and versatility for the tournament angler. For 2022, Shimano adds two new rods to the Curado lineup: A 6’10” Light power, Moderate action glass casting rod that pairs perfectly with micro crankbaits like the new Macbeth Tiny, and a 6’8” Medium power, Moderate-Fast action casting rod designed for anglers presenting high-performance jerkbaits like the Shimano World Minnow and World Diver. All rods in the Curado family feature Shimano’s Hi-Power X technology for increased strength and improved casting performance, Shimano CI4+ reel seats for increased sensitivity and reduced weight and Fuji tangle-free K guides with FazLite inserts to reduce line tangles and enhance presentation versatility. Shimano engineered the entire Curado rod series to provide anglers with the precise tools needed when a check is on the line. Each of the new Shimano Curado rod additions has an MSRP of $159.99.


Leading the fishing industry in innovation and quality for 100 years, Shimano‘s manufacturing capabilities allow for anglers worldwide to enjoy their time on the water to the fullest. We designed the entire lineup of Shimano products to elevate angler experiences with features that continuously evolve to push the boundaries of modern fishing tackle while raising the bar for the whole fishing industry.