Expand Your View with Lowrance Ghost 360

What lies beneath the water doesn’t have to be a mystery. Since creating the first consumer sonar device – the Little Green Box – in 1957, Lowrance has been a leader in marine electronics and helping anglers catch more fish. Fast forward 65 years and not only has that remained true, but it’s also gotten even better. Lowrance continues to innovate and develop game-changing technology offering anglers better views of what’s in the water and where the fish are, giving them the upper hand.

Earlier this year, Lowrance released a software update unlocking the exciting Ghost® 360 feature for users of the Ghost® Trolling Motor with Active Imaging 3-in-1 nosecone. Ghost 360 offers anglers a high resolution 360-degree detailed image around their boats. This new capability utilizes automatic steering rotation of the Ghost Trolling Motor, allowing anglers to pinpoint key structure and targets in a 360-degree view of the bottom and the ability to show both standing structure and structure that is laying on the bottom.

The feature is available on all Ghost compatible multi-function displays (MFD), which includes the Elite FS™, HDS Carbon and HDS LIVE™.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Free feature with the 22.1 software update – an updated, compatible unit with the Active Imaging 3-in-1 nosecone automatically offers the Ghost 360 feature with a quick push of a button in your settings.
  • Great range – similar to what you would expect from a SideScan, the maximum range at 800kHz is 150 feet and at 455kHz you can get up to 300 feet.
  • Hands free functions – the Ghost Trolling motor offers three pre-programmable keys that you can set to do a function, including the ability to stop and start a scan with the foot pedal. Additionally, pushing the pedal, whether direction or throttle, will stop the scan so you can move the boat or reposition the trolling motor without having to stop the scan manually with your hands.
  • Customizable palette and contrast – like all Lowrance sonar products, default settings are in place for ease of use, but anglers have the ability to adjust the contrast and change the color palette to their personal preference.
  • Adjustable turn speed – a slow, medium, and fast setting can be enabled based on how quickly you’d like the 360-image produced. The faster the turn speed, the less detail there is, and vice versa. Medium provides users a good balance and is the default setting.

The best part of the new feature is that it offers incredible value to consumers. Lowrance users who already have a compatible display, plus a Ghost Trolling Motor with a 3-in-1 nose cone, are receiving the new Ghost 360 sonar feature, which would typically cost more than $1,000 in new-equipment, for free.

For more information about Lowrance products, including the Ghost Trolling Motor and its Ghost 360 feature, visit https://www.lowrance.com/.