Epic Baits Partners With King Eider Communications

Texas-based bass fishing brand taps trusted outdoor marketing agency to enhance trade and consumer awareness.

Renowned for its dynamic marketing programs, content creation, and media relations within the outdoors industry, King Eider Communications is pleased to announce its partnership with Epic Baits. Texas-based Epic Baits is a small but able-bodied manufacturer of jigheads, spinnerbaits, buzz baits, and terminal tackle. They also offer a comprehensive selection of tungsten weights catering to modern bass fishing techniques.

“Being a small manufacturer has allowed Epic to be nimble, and when they see a need for a new product or an extension to products they already produce, they’ve been able to bring that to market extremely quickly. This type of agile response to industry needs is what’s helped propel Epic to the top of the field for their category,” said CEO of King Eider Communications, Dena Vick.

Brian Knighten, President of Epic Baits, has played an instrumental role in the company’s recent growth, placing a strong emphasis on meeting the requirements of their dedicated pro staff and loyal customer base.

“What truly sets Epic apart is not only the quality of their products but also the incredible team of anglers they have assembled,” said Vick. “Epic Baits’ success has been significantly shaped by the expertise and dedication of pros who have actively contributed to the design and development of their products. We’re looking forward to a successful future together, fueled by a passion for the industry and a dedication to success.”

Epic Baits and Epic Tungsten has quickly assembled an expanding lineup of professional anglers, featuring prominent names such as Dean Rojas, Scott Suggs, Clark Reehm, Wesley Strader, Brad Whatley, Bobby Lane, Jason Williamson, Kelly Jordan, Scott Canterbury, and Major League Fishing’s 2023 Angler of the Year, Matt Becker. “The drop shot was the most impactful technique for me all season,” said Becker. “I put it into play in five of the seven events, and Epic’s tungsten was what I used in all of them.”

In today’s rapidly evolving market, crafting and curating compelling narratives that resonate and build strong connections that translate into tangible business results cannot be overstated. “We first connected with King Eider at ICAST 2023,” said Knighten. “From the beginning, I felt a strong sense of comfort and alignment with their team. I saw their passion for the fishing industry and the strong connections displayed. Their confidence and extensive network honed through collaborations with large companies left a big impression on me. It became evident that we needed a partner with their expertise to propel us to the next level.”

King Eider Communications is consistently expanding its portfolio through partnerships with brands that appeal to various outdoor and active lifestyle enthusiasts. The addition of Epic Baits reflects the Texas-based agency’s commitment to assisting its clients in achieving and surpassing their business objectives on and off the water.

If you would like more information about Epic Baits and Epic Tungsten, please contact Lacy Jo Jumper at lacyjo@kingeiderpr.com.