Duckett Fishing Unveils the Sway Minnow

The future of forward facing sonar fishing.

Guntersville, AL – Duckett Fishing, a leader in tournament bass fishing rods and baits, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Sway Minnow, a revolutionary bait designed to elevate Forward Facing Sonar (FFS) fishing techniques. This new minnow is set to transform how anglers target and catch bass using FFS, with technology to automatically induce lifelike action and presentation that trophy bass find irresistible.

The Sway Minnow is distinguished by its new Soratobu Wing Technology, which creates a lifelike side-to-side rocking and swaying motion, making it appear as if the bait is flying through the water. This unique action, combined with the bait’s ability to hover in the water column, tempts bass with an easy meal, keeping the bait in the target zone longer and making it irresistible even to lethargic fish.

Designed to mimic an injured baitfish, the Sway Minnow’s realistic fins and scale pattern offer a detailed visual that bass key in on, especially when the bait hovers in the strike zone. Available in four lifelike colors and measuring 4.5 inches, this versatile bait is perfect for any season and pairs seamlessly with a wide range of jighead sizes.

Whether targeting individual suspended fish or roving schools, the Sway Minnow’s design and technology automatically induce side-to-side rocking and swaying motion, and the straight pin tail creates quivering action that will provoke strikes when other lures come up empty. This Minnow is designed to make you better, faster with Forward Facing Sonar techniques, enhancing your ability to catch more fish.

The Sway Minnow is part of Duckett Fishing’s commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology and design to the bass fishing world.

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