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Digital Decode: The Ads that Follow You

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What if we told you that 98 percent of your web traffic is going to waste? Chances are, you wouldn’t be shocked. For many businesses, efficient online ad spending remains a mystery, a waste of time and resources, some say. If you’re of a subscriber to that school of thought, allow us to offer a few insights that may help you finally receive a return on your digital advertising investment.

Studies show that, historically, just two percent of website visitors will convert to a sale on their first visit. That means if you want a first-time website visitor to buy a cooler or a reel or a lure from you on their initial visit your website, it’s a virtual guarantee that they won’t. The key to converting? Giving them a second or third look at your store. You must reach prospects again and again to have the best chance at making a sale. 

Thankfully, there’s a cost-efficient method of digital advertising that allows you to do just that. It’s called retargeting, and you’ve probably already seen it in action.

If you’ve ever visited an eCommerce store and noticed ads for its products following you around to other websites, you’ve seen retargeting in action. The ads that follow you are a byproduct of tiny snippets of computer code built-in to the eCommerce website you visited. Those codes are called cookies, and they send a message to online ad networks telling them that you’ve been to a specific website, and were interested in a specific product on that website. For some, that’s a new pair of boots. For others, it’s a fishing lure or a new rain jacket. 

Odds are, you’ve already noticed retargeting campaigns following you around the web. But maybe you haven’t known how to launch one for your own website. That’s where FTR can help.

FTR’s Decode team sometimes calls retargeting “stalking.” That’s a harsh term, but it helps convey the point for most people. When your business launches a retargeting campaign with FTR, our Decode team places a cookie on your website. That cookie then follows visitors who’ve left your website on to other sites. The campaign shows them an ad for coolers, lures, rods, or any product of your choosing and links them back to your business.

Here’s how it works

FTR retargeting campaigns includes delivery of your ad at least two-dozen times to the person targeted, and always in “above the fold,” premium space.  Think of the placement as buying the back cover of a magazine or the inside cover.  It’s like the commercial just before TV weather—it’s the best position available. Our team leverages partnerships with leading ad networks to make sure that your retargeting ads are seen on major news and social media websites like Facebook, CNN, FoxNews or any number of fishing websites.

Studies show that retargeting campaigns can salvage much of the 98 percent of visitors who would otherwise leave your website and never return.  It means prospects that found you once are going to be reminded to come back to your store again and again. For that reason, retargeting is commonly deployed in a package of other marketing tactics that include keyword targeting, search optimization, and other social media ads. Combined, these tactics serve to dramatically increase your online presence and your web traffic with an audience that is specifically selected to be most interested in your store. They’re also a one-two punch that cracks the code of digital marketing—get it?

Best of all, retargeting is one of the most cost effective digital marketing tactics that our FTR Decode team offers. Campaigns are created to generate a guaranteed number of impressions—usually several hundred thousand—and can often be added to an existing campaign for just a few hundred dollars. 

The result is a blanket of coverage that can dramatically increase your brand awareness online and help you turn more website visitors into customers.

So how much will a retargeting campaign cost your store? That depends on your annual web traffic and your marketing goals. Want to see it in action? Visit for a short video and more information on retargeting. To cut straight to the chase, email FTR Decode expert Abby Nichols at [email protected].