Deadly Depth Diver Fatal to Fish

August 16, 2012, Dayton, OH–MKS Supply Tru-Trip Deep Divers by Big Fish Tuff Tackle, demonstrate championship results for Salmon, Walleye and other fish in both lakes and rivers. The Tru-Trip Deep diver is built to take fishing lures to 40 or 50 foot depths and then cruse on the line until a depth targeted fish strikes the lure. Instantly upon hook up the Tru-Trip diver releases and aligns with the fishing line for a near friction free retrieval with the fish on the same line; you fight the fish and not the diver.

The Deep Diver has various bait attachment points to regulate the depth of desired operation. The Deep Diver can be adjusted for boat speed, bait weight, and even set to release on the minimum weight of the fish you want to catch (don’t get greedy though).

This small, light-weight, handy, tough and easy to use diver is less complicated than traditional diving units. Also, the Tru-Trip Deep Diver is more depth accurate, costs less and is designed to attract fish with bright colors, imbedded reflective glitter and sonic rattles.

If the user were to somehow break their line (without a fish attached) the unit is uniquely buoyant and will float to the surface with fishing gear attached for recovery of both.

This new fish catcher has proven very popular with fishing guides and boat captains on the Great Lakes and this July the Tru-Trip Deep Diver helped break the Ohio State Brown Trout record with a monster catch weighing 14.675 pounds!

The Tru-Trip Deep Diver will work equally well with heavy- baits, light-weight baits, jigs and will even float lures and baits up to one ounce in weight.
Construction: Electronic welded hi-impact plastic and is leak proof guaranteed
Hardware: All stainless steel
The Tru-Trip Deep diver is 100% American made.
Bright Colors: Chartreuse, Purple Power, Orange, Blood Red, for stealthyuse; Clear and Stealth Smoke
MSRP: $11.99 for the 40-foot model (4-inches long) and $13.99 for the 50-foot model (7-inches long).
Weight: 1.4 and 3.2 ounces respectively.

The Tru-Trip Deep Diver is exclusively marketed by:
MKS Supply, LLC
8611-A North Dixie Drive
Dayton, OH 45414