Daiwa Unveils EXIST Spinning Reels

CYPRESS, CA. —Daiwa Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the finest line of reels the company has ever produced. The new EXIST spinning reels represent 60 years of Daiwa innovation and the long range vision of a company founded in 1958.

Within ten years of the companies establishment, in 1968, Daiwa released the first open-face spinning reel, a historic achievement in the development of innovative sportfishing tackle. The flagship line of EXIST spinning reels represents a perfection in design and the natural progression of the company’s reel building lineage. Daiwa designed and constructed these reels in Japan with no regard to expense in research and development, material, construction processes or time.

Daiwa has built this reel with state of the art technology so that you will enjoy your fishing experience at a whole different level.

The spinning reel body features Daiwa’s LT CONCEPT, light yet tough. The Magnesium MONOCOQUE BODY design technique uses the exterior shell of the body to provide structural support for the reel. A threaded side plate provides greater strength and rigidity and prevents dirt and water intrusion. The unique body design allows more room for gears, eliminating space demanding screw holes and sideplate stablization. An impressive 85% of the area is gear space, facilitating larger, more powerful gearing, the greatest gear size in the market. The LT Concept is furthered with the use of the ZAION AIR ROTOR and AIR BAIL. The innovative design provides easier ballanced rotations and reduces the overall weight of the reel.

The Daiwa developed Zaion is a “ high density” carbon strain material that is 20 percent stronger and 50 percent lighter than traditional nylon and aluminim construction. The MAG SEALED main shaft, bearings and line roller utilizes a aerowspace developed magnetic oil, that seals the bearing surfaces from water and dirt intrusion without adding any friction, an important feature securing continued high performance.

The DIGIGEAR™ DIGITAL GEAR DESIGN guarantees smooth, rugged performance with digitally milled alloy gearing that maximizes the efficiency of the gear-tooth interaction. An ABS LONG-CAST SPOOL pays out line smoothly for long accurate casts. Daiwa’s ATD DRAG SYSTEM uses a new proprietary grease that enables the reel to apply smooth and consistent start up drag pressure from the first pull. The TWIST BUSTER 2 system keeps line twist to a minimum on the retrieve. The 12 CRBB super corrosion resistant ball bearings deliver flawless performance.

The reel in its entirety, is constructed in Japan.


  • Light and Tough Magnesium Monocoque Body
  • Light and Tough Zaion Air Rotor and Air Bail
  • Magsealed ( Body/ line roller)
  • Aluminum aloy machine cut TOUGH Digigear
  • Long cast ABS spool
  • ATD
  • Twist Buster 2
  • High level water resistant construction
  • Made in Japan