Have your customers started using electronics to record their fishing trips yet? If not, they may start soon thanks to the Modern Fish Act, which directs fisheries and anglers to use more accurate methods to gather data on catches. Mail and phone surveys are likely to be consigned to history, and when the inevitable upsurge in electrical devices happens, you can be ahead of the sales curve by stocking Cyberfishing. 

Cyberfishing’s lightweight Smart Rod Sensor fits easily to any rod and connects by Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. The sensor records every cast and—at a single touch of a button—saves your catch locations plus the prevailing weather conditions. Over time, you will have a data-rich history of all your fishing hotspots, making it easier to know where, when, and under what conditions to return to next time. 

So not only is Cyberfishing an essential tool for collecting data nationwide, it’s also the perfect way for individual anglers to keep track of their best fishing experiences – and repeat them for better fishing time and time again. Cyberfishing simply puts anglers in the right place at the right time. And the right time for you to experience it first-hand will be at ICAST in July, where it will be making its show debut—not that Cyberfishing is new to presenting at trade or consumer shows, though. In fact, the Cyberfishing team will arrive in Orlando having already secured not one, not two, not three, but four international product awards from major exhibitions in the USA and Asia. 

First up was the giant CES show in Las Vegas in January, the world’s leading expo for the technology industry. In Vegas, Cyberfishing launched onto the market and rubbed shoulders with smart watches, 3-D printers, driverless cars, and virtual reality headsets. Amid the intense competition, Cyberfishing’s Smart Rod Sensor and app was named a CES show honoree, an accolade reserved for the best new tech products for 2019.

A few short weeks later, Cyberfishing was on more familiar ground, at China Fish In Beijing – the trading expo for suppliers in the tackle industry. There, the Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor and app was named the top launch in the Electronics category, bringing the company award number two.

This week, Cyberfishing found themselves in the winner’s circle at EFFTEX after taking home two awards—one for Best New Electronic Product and another for Innovation of the Year.

Cyberfishing took home Best New Electronic Product and Innovation of the Year at EFFTEX.

So who would bet against Cyberfishing being recognized by the judges in Orlando next month? Cyberfishing’s Business Development Manager, Vitaly Pchelnikov, is quietly confident. He has helped steer the company from design concept to global consumer launch in less than 12 months. 

Pchelnikov will be at ICAST following an exhausting world tour of tackle shows following the Vegas launch. The face-to-face meetings he has had with anglers, tackle dealers, and distributors in more than a dozen countries has convinced him that Cyberfishing is breaking new ground in the angling market—and is deserving of recognition. “We always suspected there was a move towards embracing tech into fishing, but it’s clear from meeting consumers and industry professionals that the sport is ready for a sensor and smartphone app that makes it easier to record and save your fishing hotspots.”

Adds Pchelnikov, “Fishing is changing. Anglers are using their phones constantly to take pictures of their catches. It also means there is a hunger for catching trophy fish quickly rather than spending hours finding the best spot. So a device that works with your phone and helps you return to your hotspots is something that anglers will accept into their life on the water.”

“This is not tech that catches the fish for you. That is still down to your own skill and expertise. But Cyberfishing will return you to those spots again and again to repeat those experiences.”

Cyberfishing has already sold more than 6,000 sensors since its launch, through direct online sales and some distribution deals. It will be at ICAST to find partners to take the brand forward in the USA.

Says Pchelnikov, “Those people in the trade that have seen it love its potential, and we are expecting the same reaction at ICAST. Dealers and distributors should come along to our booth at the show for a demonstration and to discuss how Cyberfishing can stimulate sales in their territories.”

Dealers can learn more at Cyberfishing.com or by emailing Pchelnikov.