CWR Electronics Announces New Bluefin LED Light Models

BAYVILLE, New Jersey— Bluefin LED is pleased to announce their exciting new range of color change underwater lights available through key US distributor CWR Electronics.

These powerful RGBW LED lights boast impressive fixture lumens with unique driver technology and are manufactured with the highest quality materials and components. CWR says all products will be available for immediate delivery after the METS trade show in November 2014.

Here’s a preview of the new Bluefin Products available through CWR:

Piranha P6 has 2500 fixture lumens. It is incredibly simple to install thanks to internal driver technology – just 1 small cable entry hole, 3 screws and 2 wires. 12/24V.

Single Fixture – SKU 54444 – MSRP $669.00 Pair – SKU 54445 – MSRP $1,269.00

Hammerhead H48 provides up to 10,000 fixture lumens. Its unique design makes this surface mount color change underwater light truly one of a kind, suitable for transom mounting on almost all hull types. 24V.

SKU 54447 – MSRP $2,099.00

Stingray S48 through-hull fitting light provides up to 10,000 fixture lumens. Installation could not be simpler with just one small 1″ hole for the stem. 24 V.

SKU 54448 – MSRP $2,399.00

Great White Interchangeable GW48 has unlimited mounting options thanks to the ultra-low profile bezel. The removable LED Cartridge eliminates the need for hauling. Provides up to 10,000 fixture lumens. 24 V.

SKU 54449 – MSRP $2,999.00

The Piranha DL6 Underwater Dock Light is the most powerful and efficient Dock light available on the market. With 2500 fixture lumens and multiple mounting options, this unique light is definitely a world first color change dock light. 12/24V.

SKU 54446 – MSRP $1,199.00

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