CS Coatings Launches 3 New Pro-Tec Colors for Classic Week

Wausau, WI – CS Coatings, the leader in tackle specific paint and supplies has launched 3 new “bass specific” colors of the popular Pro-Tec Powder Paint just in time for the 2022 Bassmaster Classic.

Pro-Tec Powder paint is hands down the fastest, easiest, and most durable custom paint option on the market. It has virtually no odor, no drying time, no solvents, zero mixing and 100+ colors to choose from making it extremely popular with anglers across the globe.  Heat, dip, and get a brilliant, super-durable high gloss finish in seconds.

“We receive a ton of feedback from custom tackle makers, lure manufacturers and anglers regarding what colors we should come out with next. Our goal for this year was to create 3 new bass specific colors and do an early release during the week leading up to the Classic.” – Kurt Urban (Business Manager / CS Coatings)

The new colors include the following:

Bama Craw, a life-like crawfish color with added flash to stand out from surrounding forage. Great for contact baits like Football jigs, Ned rigs, and Shaky heads when targeting fish feeding on crawfish.

Go-Time, a great “universal” color that imitates a variety of forage throughout the water column including bluegill, tilapia, and crawfish. This color provides flash to one of the most popular base colors on the market and is perfect for Swim jigs, Football Jigs and Swimbait heads.

Bruised Gill, the perfect color for a Swim jig utilized in stained or tannic water. Offers a bold and contrasting color with added flash which makes it optimal for targeting bass during the bluegill spawn.

All three new colors are immediately available at do-itmolds.com and soon in all custom tackle retailers. Pro-Tec Powder Paint is sold in 2oz jars with 100+ color options currently available.