Cotton Carrier Debuts POV Action Camera Bracket

Cotton Carrier’s new POV Bracket offers action camera photographers an exciting new way to capture the action hands-free from any angle.

“Going hands-free with an action camera is a snap, but positioning the camera in virtually unlimited dynamic ways hasn’t been available … until now,” said Brook Parker, chief operating officer of Cotton Carrier Ltd. “Cotton Carrier’s POV Bracket for GoPro and other action cameras allows you to position your camera to any angle you want.”

While other action camera brackets remain in a fixed position – or only allow limited up-or-down tilting – the Cotton Carrier POV bracket can rotate 360 degrees. Instead of just straight ahead shots, an action camera on a Cotton Carrier POV bracket can shoot to the side, down to the ground, even straight up for an in-the-action “selfie.”


“With 360 degrees of rotation, you’ll be hard-pressed to come up with a shot that POV cannot handle,” Parker said. “Being a part of the action is nothing new for Cotton Carrier. For years our products have securely held DSLRs and other high-end photo gear for photographers as they run, bike, hike, ski and skateboard. Even while doing flips on a trampoline!”

The POV Braclet features Cotton Carrier’s camera hub system and mounts into any Cotton Carrier product. POV is also sold with the StrapShot, which easily attaches to most backpack straps. The bracket is a solid piece of aluminum manufactured in North America.

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